Friday Updates – Belated. Very belated.

Sorry about the weekend long delay. I’ve been working on stuff, going to a party for the Superbowl (I hope you guys enjoyed it if you are into those things or whatnot.

I posted on Twitter that Klose was revealed in one of Falcom’s twitter updates. It turns out that in that same post, Falcom revealed a lot more than they intended to. I’m choosing to not post the information out of respect for their attempt to backtrack and hide the info. But just so you know, there’s relatively more information for Ys vs Sora no Kiseki out there on the web somewhere.

If you know where to search, I’m sure you can find it. If they show more of a response towards it (maybe they’ll say something on twitter tonight or readjust to the accidental reveal this week), I’ll reveal the information that I’ve got.

I will not lie, stating that this is the primary reason why I did not do this post yesterday. I didn’t know whether or not to post or not to post. I apologize if my decision upsets you, but again, I chose to do this out of respect for the company.

Other specific notes from Twitter:
Falcom has opened a twilog.

A bunch of random JDK concert photos have been posted. From Falcom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
From others: by shin_dra1, from touka_m

Audio recording for Ys vs Sora no Kiseki has been done, with this included.

Gpara posted a pretty good review for Ys Online.

Illustrator Akemi Takada showed up at the Falcom offices for something with the Sora no Kiseki drama CDs, it seems.

The seiyuu for Schera, Zin, and Richard showed up for a drama CD scenario check. Then later, Aina, Olivier, and Cassius are listed as well.

Kanae Itoh showed up to provide the voice for Campanella.

Ys Manga Updated
Chapter 4 of the Ys manga has been updated.
This is the first chapter beyond what was in the Falcom World Guides.
For some reason, chapters 2 and 3 have been removed this month.

Weekly Sales + Specials
Zwei!! PSP Edition (Originally 3960 yen)
Gurumin PSP Edition (Originally 3960 yen)
(This is not the Super Price Version)
Zwei!! Complete Guide (Originally 1900 yen)
Zwei!! Super Arrange Version (Originally 2800 yen)
Sora no Kiseki Postcard Mini Set x2 (Not for Sale)

The total for this set is 12,620 yen. The special price is –> 5700 yen!

This special is good until 2/12 or until 30 orders have been made.


Dinosaur Resurrection (Originally 3960 yen) for 1980 yen.
The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion (Originally 3960 yen) for 3300 yen.
Ys Oath in Felghana Super Arrange Version (Originally 2800 yen) for 2300 yen.
Falcom jdk Band Spring 2008 (Originally 2800 yen) for 2300 yen.

These last from 2/5 ~ 2/18.

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  1. I'll have to admit that I've been partially eaten by school and work. (40+ hours a week at work, lately closer to 45 or 50, because of overtime), and then 13 credits of school with a project required for graduation this year. D: I do get my attempts to translate, but this puts me on a weird schedule compared to the rest of the world, unfortunately. :( I do keep in touch with people on IRC and on AIM, however. With the manga, I'm almost done with chapter 2, and will probably be trying to take on 3 this weekend depending on how my school load looks.

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