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The Ys Seven Illustration Contest results are up. The link is in the source links below.
If you entered, great job! All of the entries this contest were *amazing*. All 127 will remain posted until 3/31.

Pendant Image Updated
The Ouroboros pendant image on chara-ani has been updated.

Twitter Activity
Falcom was extremely active on Twitter last night.
Mona, who I believe is a sound engineer with Falcom, was extremely active on twitter, talking on twitter during the recording process of the Ouroboros drama CD.
From her tweets, we know the following:
These voice actors were in attendance, in order mentioned in Mona’s tweets.
Olivier (Koyasu Takehito) and Bleu Blanc (Miura Hiroaki)
Renne (Nishihara Kumiko) and Loewe (Midorikawa Hikaru)
Legnard (Hirai Keiji)
Kevin (Nakao Ryouhei)
Suddenly, “All the Legion” – this means that also Walter (Yoshimizu Takahiro), Lucciola (Nishikawa Hiromi), and Campanella (Itou Kanae) were in attendance.
Zin (Inada Tetsu) and Sieg (–no known voice actor)
One character referred to as ‘Lieutenant’ – this should be Maximillian Seed (–no known voice actor)
‘Colonel Onion’ would be none other than Alan Richard (Miura Hiroaki – recording for Richard instead of Bleu Blanc suddenly)
Estelle (Akemi Kanda) reportedly had a scene with Campanella.
Renne-chan was crying.
The Professor’s laugh was frightening – Weismann (Tanaka Hideyuki)
And the Leader (–no known voice actor) was recording lines.

And have a couple of photos from the end of the recording: 1 and 2.

Afterwards, Mishera (Hirao Sayaka) was there, recording her lines for Ys vs Sora no Kiseki.

Server Information
The host for, which is, will be going down on Friday Feb 12 at 11pm US Eastern time to perform major hardware and software upgrades. The server will be offline until 2:30am Sat Feb 13th.
You will not be able to access the website during these times.

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