LOTS of News. Mail Order Present Campaign Details!

I should be doing homework. I really should. But I love you guys too much. :D I’m doing a little trick today. This is that the older news for this post is at the bottom, and newer at the top.

FalcomMail Order Present Campaign
I have also confirmed on Twitter that this is open for International Orders as well, as a heads up!

@nihonfalcom Can international orders participate in the mail order present campaign?
@endlesshistory Anybody can participate in Falcom’s mail order present campaign! Of course you’ll have a chance to get a coupon as a prize!

Coupon as a prize?

From 4/1/2010 to 4/30/2010 any purchases through the Falcom mail order will be entered into a raffle where there will be 20 names drawn. This impacts all orders made during the month of April.

Winners will be announced on 5/11. They will publish the 20 order #s that came up in the raffle- which is a 2000 yen coupon for towards your next purchase. Make sure you mention the ID number of your coupon when you make that next purchase.

Rules of use for the coupon:
* Cannot be used on an item that costs less than 2000 yen.
* The ID # for the coupon will expire within three months. This means you have to use it by August, people. (That’s not hard at all- sounds like you can put it towards Ys vs Sora no Kiseki, as that’s out in July~ Hmm~ Good timing there!)
* The ID # for the coupon is non-transferrable.

Falcom Calendar Page Updated
Contains the May wallpaper in the following resolutions:

Weekly Specials / Sales
Announced last friday!
The weekly special for this week is the Gagharv Trilogy! This is a good chance to get all three games at a great price. This is the special I held out for and it never happened, until I got the three games! Of course that’s how it’d go, isn’t it? :D

The Legend of Heroes III – White Witch (Vista Ed) (Originally 3960 yen)
The Legend of Heroes IV – Tear of Vermillion (Vista Ed) (Originally 3960 yen)
The Legend of Heroes V – Cagesong of the Ocean (Vista Ed) (Originally 3960 yen)
Symphonic Gagharv Trilogy (Originally 2800 yen)

Total price of this set is 14,680 yen. Special price is –> 6600 yen!

This special is good until 4/1 or until 20 orders have been made!

Sales from last week are still good:

The Legend of Heroes IV Tear of Vermillion (Originally 3960 yen) for 3300 yen.
Vantage Master Portable (Originally 3960 yen) for 2900 yen.
Original Soundtrack Legend of Heroes IV Tear of Vermillion (Originally 2980 yen) for 1900 yen.
Ys Healing (Originally 2800 yen) for 1800 yen.

These sales are good from 3/19 ~ 4/1

Felghana PSP Play Report Part 2
Ika-chan has posted part 2 of the Felghana PSP play report! You can locate it on the staff blog. Link down below. :D

Speaking of Drama CDs….
The new Sora no Kiseki ones are out. Release list to the right will be updated.

Drama CD Recording Reports
Unlike the one I translated below, this is Falcom’s specific report. A lot of the questions asked in it were the same questions, but in depth on this one. If I have the time, I may attempt to translate the whole thing.

(But if someone else does for me, I’ll give you full credit, of course.) — I don’t expect that to happen, however. I’ll get to it when I’ve got the time.

Also, like below there is one for the Sora no Kiseki AC Drama CD.

Finally, there’s now one, as well, for the Oath in Felghana CD. Animate has one as well, but the procedure last week caught up to me, and I wasn’t able to translate it. I’ll see what I can do at some point this week. I’ve included the animate link below for the Felghana drama CD while I’m at it, down below.

The animate link includes the cover, as well- by the same artist who did the Ys drama CDs that were recently released.

Ys Portal Site Quest – Rescue! Wall Breaking! Quest begins
Due to my delays, I’ve not been able to warn before the first portion ended, but there’s still time for the next part.
There are cracks showing up in various places on the Ys Portal Site, and you need to track them down!

First: 3/24/2010 ~ 3/30/2010 at 3pm Japan Time – Ended
Second: 3/31/2010 ~ 4/6/2010 at 3pm Japan Time – Ongoing!
Third: 4/7/2010 ~ 4/13/2010 at 3pm Japan Time
Fourth: 4/14/2010 ~ 4/20/2010 at 3pm Japan Time

HINT: The scope of this search includes the Ys Portal Site Top Page and within each of the event pages off of the Portal Site.

Prizes: All people who give the correct answer will receive a special wallpaper.

Oath in Felghana PSP Release Event

Falcom intends to have an event for the day of Oath in Felghana being released to PSP. Amongst the activities will be raffles for your chance to win Falcom goods as prizes.

If you’re in Japan, you should check it out, if it’s in your area.

More details will be announced soon.

[ Falcom’s Hot Information Page ]
[ Ys Portal Site ]
[ Fal-Column Staff Blog ]
[ Animate Article for Felghana Drama CD ]
[ Falcom Calendar ]
[ Mail Order Campaign Site! ]
[ Weekly Special / Sales Site ]

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  1. WHEEE! Wait, I don't remember widescreen resolutions of the March to April wallpapers. Did they just added that?! Does that mean I missed the widescreen versions of January and February?! OH NOES!!!11 Anyway, thanks for the news update but wow, it definitely is a lot… you better get back to your homework soon the. Lol.

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