Bam! Big update! New Calendar, Ys Quest, Possible ED7 announcement?

*phews* Big update tonight. Lots of stuff to catch up on.

Lastminute twitter update!
Falcom has been making reminders for people to check out the Dengeki Maoh issue on 4/27. While I was writing this post, they restated for the Sora no Kiseki fans to check out the issue when it’s released.

Could this issue have our much desired Legend of Heroes VII information? Let’s hope!

Ys Quest Updated
The third crack is now located on the website.
It’ll be there until 4/13.

Falcom Goods at Sunshine Creation 47
On 4/11, at Sunshine Creation, a new Sora no Kiseki tapestry as well as hand towels, along with the ones brought to Winter Comiket as well.

Adol and Mona to appear on Toro Station
The Japanese, free weekly ‘show’ Toro Station on PSN will be featuring Oath in Felghana on its 4/9 episode. The episodes are only up for a week, so be sure to catch it.

Details on the Felghana PSP release event
On 4/22, from 12:00 to 19:00 (Japan time, natch), at the Sofmap Amusement Center.
When you purchase a copy of Felghana PSP here, at this event, you have a chance of being entered into a raffle.

There are four ranks of prizes:
Group A
Autographed Sign Board (Signed by Ginga Banjou and Tesshou Genda) (to one person)
1/200th Scale Arseille Model (to one person)
Ys Seven Muffler Towel (to ten people)

Group B
Autographed Sign Board (Signed by Itou Kentarou and Nonaka Ai) (to one person)
Ys Crest of Alma Silver Pendant (to one person)
Drama CD Ys I (to two people)
Drama CD Ys II (to two people)

Group C
Autographed Sign Board (signed by Shimada Bin and Hisakawa Aya) (to one person)
Ys Classic Telephone Cards (to five people)

Group D
Falcom Special Made Mona, Pom, and Piccard grips

There will also be a twitter event which will have its details announced soon.

Sora no Kiseki manga chapter 7 released
Yomban has released chapter 7 of the Sora no Kiseki manga. On Olivier’s birthday too~ (His birthday is 4/1)
Great issue- especially if you like Olivier. He’s up to his usual wacky hijinks. :D

Ys Manga Chapter 05 Out
Chapter 5 of the Ys manga is out.
Also, note, that the Yahoo Comics site also supports Firefox and browsers other than just IE.

Twitter Activity
Falcom posted a pair of photos on Twitter recently.
First is the calendar for 2010-2011 that will be packaged with Felghana PSP. The calendar usually has pages that may be hints of what is to come during the year, as Ys Seven was in the 09-10 calendar, and Sora no Kiseki the 3rd suddenly popped up in the calendar before that.

(sorry for the large images, guys.)


By the looks of the photo, this is what I figure:

First (April): Oath in Felghana – The new artwork. The one that’s shown at the top.
Second (May): Ys I-II Chronicles
Third (June): Sora no Kiseki AC Drama CD cover
Fourth (July): Ys vs Sora no Kiseki
Fifth (August): Ys Seven Artwork (That’s definitely Maya)
Sixth (September): ED7 – Lloyd
Seventh (October): –I think this is the Ouroboros Report cover.
Eighth (November): That looks like Aisha from Ys Seven
Ninth (December): ED7 – Definitely Elie (yay!)
Tenth (January): Ys I-II Drama CD cover
Eleventh (Feburary): That… looks like Brandish artwork.
Twelvth (March): Looks like more Ys artwork. Don’t recognize the style of the image.

(I’ll make it no secret that the pages for Legend of Heroes VII make me very happy. Now, will we learn the subtitle for the game along with the calendar?)

The second photo is of the bonus CDs that will be released with Oath in Felghana PSP. The JDK special that will be released with Falcom’s store, and the X68000 soundtrack that is released with Amazon’s presales.


Weekly Specials/Sales Posted on Friday:
This week’s special, in response to last week’s Gagharv special, is Sora no Kiseki FC and SC + the soundtracks.

The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC (Vista Ed) (Originally 3960 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki SC (Vista Ed) (Originally 5600 yen)
**NOTE: These are NOT the Windows 7 releases**
Original Soundtrack The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki (Originally 2980 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki SC Original Soundtrack (Originally 2980 yen)

Order Number: 2214

Total price of this set is 15,520 yen. Special price is –> 5700 yen!
This special is good until 4/8 or until 20 orders have been made.

Weekly Sales:
(These Sales are good from 4/2~4/15)

Dinosaur Resurrection (Originally 3960 yen) for 2800 yen.
Brandish the Dark Revenant (Originally 3960 yen) for 2900 yen.
Falcom JDK Band 1 (Originally 1980 yen) for 1200 yen.
OST “Ys Castle of the Heavens” ~ JDK Band Version (Originally 1980) for 1200 yen.

Yahoo Games! Anticipated Games Ranking List
Oath in Felghana is currently seated at 2nd place on all systems. Good work, Falcom!

Oath in Felghana PSP Site Updated
Small update, but awesome item. Falcom posted a gameplay trailer from Oath in Felghana. I was excited about it, but seeing this reminded me just how much I love the game and makes me want to play it with the voices and changes in it.

See the video below:

**Wallpaper Updates:
New wallpaper posted. This week, it’s Edgar.


You can find it in the following resolutions:
PSP – 480×272

Falcom Site Renewal
The new update to the top site is very minor. Mostly cosmetic and the way the news feed scrolls onto the page. It also has a new banner of information just above the news frame. The event icons to the right have also been slightly rearranged.

[ Falcom Top Page ]
[ Oath in Felghana PSP Website ]
[ Yahoo Games Anticipated Games Ranking ]
[ Falcom Web Shop – Weekly Specials ]
[ NihonFalcom @ Twitter ]
[ Ys @ Yahoo Comics ]
[ Yomban – Sora no Kiseki ]
[ Falcom’s Hot Information Stage ]
[ Toro Station ]
[ Sunshin Creation 47 Website ]
[ Ys Series Portal Site ]

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