Sora no Kiseki AC (Advanced Chapter) Drama CD Information

The translation of the interview may be a little worse than usual with this. I tried to work on it between calls at work. I’m sure you can imagine how that turned out. *laughs*

Estelle Bright – Kanda Akemi
Joshua Bright – Saiga Mitsuki
Tita Russell – Konno Hiromi
Agate Crossner – Kondo Takayuki
Erika Russell – Yukino Satsuki
Dan Russell – Kusao Takeshi
Scherazard Harvey – Shioyama Yuka
Aina Holden – Kano Yui

This drama CD is a story that takes place between the third story of the Sora no Kiseki series, Sora no Kiseki the 3rd, and the new upcoming work, The Legend of Heroes VII. Estelle and Joshua get to meet Tita’s parents, Erika and Dan! And of course, Agate shows up and Erika’s explosive trap is sprung! The whole story is loaded with comic antics.


Estelleand Joshua Finally Meet Tita’s Family! – Tell us what you think of the finished work of this compilation?
Kanda Akemi-san (Estelle): This time around, Estelle and Joshua finally meet Tita’s family… Hah- I had a feeling it would be like this. The relationship with Estelle and Joshua has hit its turning point, and the two are willing to admit their feelings for each other. However, they’re still a little shy about it.
Saiga Mitsuki-san (Joshua): Though the focus is on Tita and her family, this contains a completely new story for the other characters. In Joshua’s case, though he’s not like Tita, he still manages to get caught up in her mannerisms, and it manages to reveal new emotions for him. [This is another sentence I can’t catch. -ED]
Konno Hiromi-san (Tita): It was great to have Tita, her parents, Estelle, and everyone else together. And I loved Agate this time! This was really his first performance. (Laughs) Though grandad [Albert Russel] wasn’t here this time, we’ll be sure to have the whole family next time. And it’s been awhile since Estelle and everyone have been together. It’s been a bit lonely. (Laughs)
Kondo Takayuki (Agate): Recording this was a lot of fun. Apart from how Agate felt about it, it was great with Tita’s parents showing up. When I said the line ‘I’ll never forgive you!’ — I didn’t quite feel the same, personally. (Laughs) Afterwards, when Tita was feeling very embarassed towards everything, it left an impression with me.

Suddenly, it’s now Erika vs Agate!
Kusao Takeshi-san (Dan): I think Dan is the unluckiest son-in-law, considering that he has to deal with both Erika and her father, and is in such a chaotic family. He’s gotta have support in this. (Laughs) [Ehhh… Um… Sorry. XD; -ED] I hope to be involved next time.
Yukino Satsuki-san (Erika): This was my second appearance in the drama CDs [also in drama CD 5], but there was still a lot of energy in the role. Of course, Tita is very, very, very cute. It’s great to hear Konno’s delivery of her lines. Since her first appearance, I’ve loved played Erika. And this time, that loathesome Agate dares to make an appearance, and it was a very fun to be involved in the exchange of ‘inflammatory words’ between Agate and Erika. It was a great feeling, and I hope to be involved in this again.
Shioyama Yuka-san (Scherazard): Drama CDs 7 and 8 were the first time for me to really get involved in these. (laughs) This time, when drinking, you don’t really get to see what kind of a bad drunk [Scherazard] is, rather I got to perform the part of the helpful older sister. Of course, I find myself a little envious of the bittersweet relationships with Estelle and Joshua and Agate and Tita. This is something I’ve missed doing.
Kano Yui (Aina): This is my first time playing Aina. She is quite the drinker- while everyone is drunk, and she’st he only one that’s fine, ‘hey–!’ Scherazard would always say- she is quite the glamorous lady. I like romantic stories, and I already enjoyed the story about Scherazard to begin with. It was a lot of fun. (Laughs).

Drama CD: Sora no Kiseki AC (Advanced Chapter)
Release date: 3/27/2010
Price: 3150 yen
Developer: Nihon Falcom
Sales Agency: Chara-Ani
Limited Edition version is available for purchase on Chara-Ani’s website

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