What else is Konami bringing to TGS?

Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki is going to be shown at Tokyo Game Show next weekend, thanks to Konami. They will be bringing it with them, along with titles from three other partners: Atlus, Takara Tomy, and Jukes.

However, they seem to have an image on their TGS lineup that’s an ‘unknown’ title. Could this be the hopefully announced new title from Falcom? Or is it another title from one of the three partners or another?

We have 74 days to find out. (My bad. Thanks, Varion.)


[ Konami’s Tokyo Game Show 2010 Lineup ]

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  1. Sadly, it's been updated to reveal that it's Arms Heart. Would have been a perfect time to reveal a new game too, seeing how they've already done so well with Zero no Kiseki preorders that they could afford to start hyping something else.

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