Extra Life + Silent Auction

I’m participating in Extra Life this year with the SanctuaryCrew Gaming group. We will be raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals across the world.

First up will be the silent auction for a Premium Edition copy of Ys Seven released by XSEED Games. Bidding Starts at $15, which is way below the retail price of the box ($49.99). The bidding closes on Sunday at 9am Eastern Time.

Amongst the group members streaming, I will also be streaming a first ever attempt at Oath in Felghana on Inferno Mode live on the Sanctuary Crew channel. I will be live from 3pm to 6pm Eastern Standard Time. Come and mock me while I torture myself- it’s for a good cause.

All the information can be found by clicking on the Extra Life charity banner on the right hand side. That goes to the Sanctuary Crew’s website for Extra Life.

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3 Replies to “Extra Life + Silent Auction”

  1. May the Double Boost mode be with you. I didn't had that when trying to beat the Windows version of Oath in Felghana on Inferno. Good luck! :)

  2. MP83 – You don't get Double Boost for a LONG TIME in Felghana on the PSP version. I won't have it for a good chunk of the game, I'm afraid to say. XD;;

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