Website Redesign Imminent?

First thing’s first:

I’m considering on reworking the page, so that this goes under WordPress. I’ve learned, over the past few weeks, that I’m not at my computer more often than not, and making these sorts of updates can be difficult with the kind of life I’ve been living.

However, since I do a lot of work on several other wordpress powered blogs, I have an application on my phone (God bless the Palm Pre) to allow me to write wordpress entries and pages from it.

I enjoy working with wordpress for Eidenyaku, but I’ll need to check a few things before I can make the decision to do the changeover. It will also mean a number of things will suddenly be different with this design, but it’s probably something we can all get used to.

I’m also considering on installing MediaWiki to my server and getting it up and running so that I can create a Falcom wiki database thing. I was originally going to do websites with game information and stuff on Esterior, but with all of my other webpages, it’ll be a little difficult just collecting the data that I need.

With a wiki, it can become a group effort.

If anyone has any ‘yey’ or ‘nay’ commentary, or other suggestions, feel free to either email them to me, or just drop them into the comments.


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