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XSEEDhas announced via email the official release date for The Legend of Heroes – Trails in the Sky, as being March 29th. Per the email, has labelled it as one of the top 10 anticipated PSP games of 2011.

XSEED has written the following for the game’s story in their email:

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky opens in the quaint and serene town of Rolent in the Liberl Kingdom — a land that, while outmatched by surrounding countries in terms of size and military might, manages to maintain its global presence through world-class engineering, ample material resources and able diplomacy. Still recovering from a fierce war with the powerful Erebonian Empire just ten years prior, players take the reins as Estelle Bright, a young martial arts expert with an effervescent personality and tenacious spirit, along with her adoptive brother Joshua as they take their first steps in joining the legendary Bracer Guild. Charged with upholding the peace and safety of the citizens, Bracers must first seek qualification in all the regions of the kingdom, and to that end Estelle and Joshua begin their journey.

As players delve further into the story of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, they will traverse an entire kingdom steeped in detail, navigating everything from ancient towers and deep mines to quaint villages and seaside resorts, and become entangled in the geopolitical landscape as they meet new characters along the way. Sprawling vistas, perilous encounters and mysterious happenings punctuate every moment of the game’s 50+ hours. Through the course of their journey, Estelle and Joshua will begin to uncover a mutinous conspiracy that threatens to overthrow the Liberlian queen and compromise the kingdom’s peaceful landscape — and only by unraveling its web of deceit can these two humble country-folk learn what it takes to stand on their own and become full-fledged Bracers.

The website has also gone live, with character profiles, data on all the cities, as well as the combat system. There’s a lot of great information on it! And don’t bother trying to guess it, both Jess and Tom have confirmed that it’s very difficult to guess, and is from a conversation somewhere in the game. However, as several people have hacked the password, they have taken the section down for now.

This game comes out in less than two weeks! I hope everyone else is as excited. :D

I’m adding the trailer, courtesy of RPGamer, to the post, and follow the link to their article for a few more screenshots. :D

[ Trails in the Sky Official Website ]
[ RPGamer – The Trails in the Sky Are Golden ]

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