Best Response to My Wiki Request. Ever.

I posted on the Trails in the Sky board on Gamefaqs about the wiki and wanting people to help with the editing process.

I got the following response, which I loved:

Ooh!I can help!

~Ys Series~
Ys (short for whY-the-hell-does-this-name-only-have-two-letterS?) is a series of games featuring the adventures of some red-haired guy with a silly japanese name, but who usually is nicknamed The Stabbinator. He travels around and meets girls who are sometimes hot and looks for people who need help, which he uses as an excuse to go out and stab as many things to death as he possibly can. Sometimes, he’ll even linger in a general area, baiting the families of things he just murdered to come out so he can murder them too, a practice he refers to as “grinding” (probably after the whetstone he uses to sharpen his sword while he waits). So enamored by murder is The Stabbinator that he often seeks out the biggest and meanest of creatures, knowing that he’ll be able to stab them many times before they stop making noises.

I’m helping. =D

I ♥ you, tarenwanderer. :D

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2 Replies to “Best Response to My Wiki Request. Ever.”

  1. The Stabbinator LOL! :D
    Now we should we wary of the new Adolipsis!! We´ll have our walls crushed, and our ladies shall be infatuated with a Red-haired Casanova!!!
    “I´ll be back” he has announced, “for more bumping with my sword!!” XDDDDD

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