Notice for Overseas Preorders for Ao no Kiseki

Earlier this week, I received my confirmation for the preorder on Ao no Kiseki, but the email was a little different from the norm this time. There will not be an accurate price for any overseas orders, due to the fact that they do not know the weights of the individual packages.

EMS is priced based on weight, so they will need to confirm this information before they can give you a total.

Thankyou for your inquiring.
I am sorry for the delay in answering.

Thank you for the reservation.

The weight of the commodity has not been decided yet.
Therefore, I cannot calculate the carriage.
When the carriage is decided, I contact you.

Please wait for a while.

Thank you
Nihon Falcom corp.
Nihon Falcom Mailorder Service

Remember, the time is counting down if you want the Tio and Elie nendoroids.

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3 Replies to “Notice for Overseas Preorders for Ao no Kiseki”

  1. I got the same email yesterday morning. Glad they sent that, and I’ll be willing to wait as long as they need. :D

  2. I did my order for that set with amiami and got the same response, think most people expect that type of response since there no way guess the weight or there maybe a estimate and it can change, cdjapan does that

    1. Well, I’ve been ordering from Falcom for a very, very long time. This is actually a first for me with them. While it may not be new with retailers, Falcom usually has that information when they open their preorders. If anyone else, like me, hasn’t run into this with them before, it’s a good thing to be kept up to date with it. Especially considering that there isn’t a shopping cart system for international orders through Falcom- it’s done entirely through email.

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