Current Rankings for the Nendoroid Puchi Voting

Dengeki Online has posted the current rankings for the characters on the Nendoroid poll. Check out the results for 4/28~ 5/9:

Rank Name Appeared In…
1 Renne Sora no Kiseki Series
2 Estelle Bright Sora no Kiseki Series
3 Feena Ys I
4 Tita Russell Sora no Kiseki Series
5 Noel Seeker Zero no Kiseki
6 Lilia Ys II
7 Reah Ys I
8 Elena Ys Oath in Felghana
9 Klose Rinz Sora no Kiseki series
10 KeA Zero no Kiseki
11 Princess Cecilia Sora no Kiseki series
12 Rixia Mao Zero no Kiseki
13 Anelace Elfead Sora no Kiseki series
14 Arwen Zwei 2
15 Ries Argent Sora no Kiseki series
16 Parin Gurumin
17 Mail Popful Mail
18 White Witch Geld White Witch
19 Tia Ys SEVEN
20 Chris White Witch

[ Dengeki Online ]

6 Replies to “Current Rankings for the Nendoroid Puchi Voting”

  1. Renne? On the first place? What an unexpected turn of events.*dull surprise*
    I am pleased by the top three ( except Feena ) and it is always nice to see some of the older Falcom non-Ys characters on the top 20.

    1. Well, I’ve heard somewhere that Renne is very popular in Japan. So the results pretty much reflects it (don’t know how much international people who voted though)

    1. No, it doesn’t. They’re just doing ‘weekly updates’ to show the current numbers for the poll. The poll doesn’t close until 5/31.

  2. I am a bit confused by a White Witch Geld Nendoroid. Not being able to see the eyes works for a 2D artwork, but a 3D figure…?

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