More Chinese Zero no Kiseki Bonus Items

The latest announcement for the Zero no Kiseki PC release in China is a new item added to the bonus items. (Actually, there’s two, but I can’t read the #5 item on taobao.)

What’s known thus far:
1) 272 page artbook and guide. (this appears to be a Chinese translation of the book released in Japan.)

2)Three disc CD soundtrack.

3) Leatherbound notebook with the SSS badge enlaid in metal on the cover. (holy crap. do want.)

4) The charm on Lloyd’s orbment with Guy Bannings’ ID tag and pendant.


5) (no image) Mishishi charm. / cell phone strap? (I’m running through a translator. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.)

6) A recreation of the playing card deck as seen in the casino in Crossbell’s entertainment district. Images included aren’t the actual images of the deck, just the images of the cards from the game.

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4 Replies to “More Chinese Zero no Kiseki Bonus Items”

  1. How come the Chinese version is much more better (the bonuses) than the Japanese version??

    I need the OST & artbook tooooo! and maybe.. the card and the rest of the item :v

    1. Well, the Chinese versions usually have a lot of bonus items added to them in the first place. I remember the replica harmonica coming out for the Korean version of FC, in fact.

  2. Bet it’s because of the privacy that make them tack in all the pre-order bonuses, so people will actually buy the game instead of downloading it off the net.

    Now if I can find a site that’d ship this oversea… =\

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