New Ao no Kiseki Screenshots on Amazon

Amazon’s page for Ao no Kiseki has been updated with new characters and screenshots.

Please see the gallery below for the screenshots. (They will also be uploaded to the gallery later.)

Characters on the site:
TioPlato (14)
A cool-spoken girl that was transferred to work with the Crossbell Police from the Epstein Foundation. Due to her abilities, she has been given a special item known as the Orbal Staff. After the breakup of the Special Support Section, she returned to the Epstein Headquarters in the Leman region.

Alex Dudley (28)
An elite investigator belonging to the First Division of the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Crossbell Police. He is an intellectual type with a disciplined manner. He uses a large, military scale orbal revolver. At first, he did not approve of Lloyd and the others, though in the end, he assisted the Special Support Section in resolving the incident involving the religious organization. By this point, he values their work and has entrusted them with a major task.

Campanella (??)
This mischievous Legion (No. 0- The Fool) of the Ouroboros first appeared in Sora no Kiseki. He has suddenly appeared in Crossbell, for mysterious reasons.

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