Falcom Heroines Poll Results???

Just kidding. Just the bottom 25, really.

Rank Name AppearedIn…
101 Joanna White Witch
102 Anya Ys Oath in Felghana
103 Saphiyeu Brandish series
104 Himika VM Japan
105 Bammy Ys IV
106 Shara White Witch
Rachel Cagesong of the Ocean
Merlette Vantage Master
109 Foresta Ys V
110 Shuren VM Japan
111 Rije Ys V
Muse Tear of Vermillion
113 Cadena Ys Origin
Ellenoa Tear of Vermillion
115 Hajiki VM Japan
116 Anies Xanadu Next
117 Stella White Witch
118 Eolia Ys Origin
Kiri VM Japan
120 Massea Ys V
121 Cecilia Ys Origin
122 Isami VM Japan
123 Matsuri VM Japan
Chijiru VM Japan
125 Ramona Ys Origin

[ Dengeki Online – Falcom Heroines Poll – 101 ~ 125 ]

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      1. It probably is, but I was dead tired when working on that list. lol.

        Thanks! Don’t worry about correcting my translations either. It isn’t a bother at all.

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