Falcom Heroine Top 10 Results and Nendoroid Designs

Here you go! It’s what everyone’s been waiting for!

1. Renne (Sora no Kiseki series)
2. Estelle Bright (Sora no Kiseki series)
3. Feena (Ys I)
4. Tita Russell (Sora no Kiseki series) (11,003 votes)
5. Noel Seeker (Zero no Kiseki series) (10,151 votes)
6. Reah (Ys I) (8,947 votes)
7. Lilia (Ys II) (7,971 votes)
8. Elena (Ys III) (7,132 votes)
9. Klose Rinz (Sora no Kiseki series) (6,186 votes)
10. Anelace Elfead (Sora no Kiseki series) (5,342 votes)

This all came up on a live feed from WonderFest on NicoDouga. I have included screenshots from the feed below. You will see an image of the early design of the Renne, Estelle, and Feena nendoroids. They also include an image of the actual Tio and Elie Nendoroids for Ao no Kiseki.

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