Dengeki PS 499 Scans for Ao no Kiseki

Of course, back to my posting of the four Dengeki issues that I’ve not posted.

The first part of the article is on, of course, the cover illustration by Enami Katsumi, the artist from Zero no Kiseki and Ys Seven.

Thisissue does not have so much in the way of spoilers, thankfully. It is mostly covering characters that have been a part of the story since Zero no Kiseki. However, I will cut to prevent image and text spam for the rest of the page. :)

The second page is about the results of the Falcom Heroine poll conducted by Dengeki. The winning three characters- Renne, Estelle, and Feena- as well as the list of placements of all 125 heroines featured in the poll. To see the list translated, check out this post for 1-10, and the rest can be found on this post. (Check the links at the bottom for past 11-20)

Page three details Michelam Island and the minigames and side events. At Michelam Wonder Land can go to the Horror Coaster, for a QTE based ‘action ride’, the Sunshine Mall allows for Lloyd to take one character of his chosing along with him, or pick the fortune teller with a partner. Then of course, there is the mention of the Lakeside Beach, as well.

Page four confirms two of Zero no Kiseki’s cast members to be part of Ao no Kiseki: Abbas and Wald Wales. Abbas is the second-in-command, under Wazy, with the Testaments, and Wald is the leader of the Sabre Vipers- both of which are gangs in the old city of Crossbell. Abbas didn’t have official artwork or chat portraits in Zero no Kiseki, so it’s a nice addition to see him join the ranks in Ao. Abbas seems to be in support of Wazy joining the SSS, but Wald seems a little confused by the change. This page also features an interview with Noel’s voice actress.

Page five has more details on the city of Crossbell itself, with information on the new location, Orchis Tower. Orchis Tower is the new government building, which was under construction during Zero no Kiseki. At 40 stories, it is now the tallest building in Zemuria, and capable of hosting the international summit that occurs in Ao no Kiseki. There is information on the International Bank of Crossbell, or the IBC and its building to the east of Orchis Tower. This page also confirms the appearance of Jonah Sacred, the cheeky boy hacker that appeared in Zero no Kiseki.

Finally, page six confirms the appearances of both Dieter and Mariabell Crois- the father-daughter pair that run the operations of the IBC. However, since Zero no Kiseki, Dieter has become the mayor of Crossbell and now performs much of his work from Orchis Tower. Mariabell, as a result, has become a temporary head of the bank itself. They have, on many occasions, shown a great deal of support to Lloyd and the rest of the SSS during the course of Zero no Kiseki. Page six also has an interview with the voice actress behind Wazy.

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