Ao no Kiseki Now Completely Sold Out on Falcom’s Website

WhereasFalcom has ended the reservations for both the Complete Limited and Drama CD versions of Ao no Kiseki, they are now out of stock on the standard edition of the game as well.

As such, now I begin my quest to find other retailers that are selling it. I will provide links and prices here, and this will be actively updated. If I miss any, please let me know in the comments. This post will also continuously be updated. will not ship games outside of Japan, as a note!
Drama CD Edition – 7980 yen, marked down to 7046.
Standard Edition – 6090 yen, marked down to 4940.
Complete Limited Edition – 9240 yen, marked down to 7554.
Amazon will have the KeA & Arionrhod CD covers.

Standard Edition – $75.49
Drama CD Edition – $107.99
I don’t see anything to display what Play-Asia will have in the way of the preorder bonuses.
Standard Edition – $72.99
Drama CD Edition – $97.99
Complete Limited Edition – $127.99
I don’t see about preorder items, but they still have the Nendoroid edition in stock.

CD Japan
Standard Edition – $74.53 (8 left in stock)
Drama CD Edition – $97.66 (3 left in stock)
Complete Limited Edition – $113.08 (11 left in stock)
No word on the preorder items. Stock counts are as of 9/18/2011

National Console Support / NCSX
Standard Edition – $83.90
Drama CD Edition – $109.90
Complete Limited Edition – $125.90
No statement on the preorder items included.

AmiamiThanks, Tao!
Regular Edition – 5800, marked down to 5040 yen
Drama CD Edition – 7600, marked down to 6610 yen
Complete Limited Edition – 8800, marked down to 7650 yen
No statement on preorder items included.

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5 Replies to “Ao no Kiseki Now Completely Sold Out on Falcom’s Website”

    1. Yeah, Amazon’s prices are spectacular, but you need to use a proxy service or some sort of proxy service, which might knock up the price more. My limited box was pretty pricy in shipping alone…

      1. Well, thankfully for me, I have a friend there, so I order it and make it so amazon will ship there. When my goods is already (at least, a lot), I make my friend to send it to my country, or when he’s going back to my country :)

        Takes a long time, yeah, but worth the price I think :))

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