Dengeki Playstation 498 Scans

I’m finally getting these scans out. Let’s start with the last issue I’ve not had posted in awhile. :D

Warning- there may be spoilers for the earlier Kiseki series- especially Trails in the Sky in the below character information. If you wish to see the scans without the information that I’m reporting on them, youcan find them in the Ao no Kiseki section of my website’s gallery.
EDIT: Gallery is being removed. Please use the image links in WordPress.

(I may edit this to provide more information based on translations from the articles, too. lol)

The issue has a two-page spread with a ton of images from the opening.

The characters for this issue are focused from the Erebonian Empire. This issue’s article details information on the massive nation, and the first character revealed is Girias Osborne- the prime minister of Erebonia.

Page 4 introduces Lechter Arundel- a high school friend of Klose/Kloe. 3rd revealed him as working alongside with Girias. His appearance in Zero no Kiseki was a pleasant surprise, though Lloyd and the others had quite an… interesting meeting with him on a ferry with a ukulele. ♥ The fact that he’s around with the prime minister should be no surprise.

It also introduces Muller Vander, Olivier Lenheim’s best friend (partner in crime??) and- I like to think- his better half. :D Muller has, as always, followed Olivier in on everything that’s happening in Crossbell.

Page 4 also has an interview with Randy’s voice actor.

Page 5 provides more information on the Ouroboros, a secret organization that follows the orders of their mysterious Leader.
Campanella is in Crossbell for reasons unknown.
More details are provided on the Seventh Pillar, Arionrhod. Included are some images and details on Grand Cross, her S-Craft.

The sixth and final page introduces Novartis, the Sixth Pillar of the Ouroboros. It also provides information on the Thirteen Workshops, the centers that the Ouroboros uses for developing their technological gear and weapons.
Last but not least, Jorg- the man seen at the Rosenberg Doll Workshop in Zero no Kiseki.

I will add more information on these scans with an edit to the post later.

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