Falcom Stage event at TGS to be Streamed on ustream

Falcom will be at Konami’s booth at Tokyo Game Show this year from 9/15 to 9/18- of course, remember that the 15th and 16th are business days, which will be when all the press conferences and so forth will occur.

Falcom will have Ao no Kiseki on display, allowing people to play it, along with trailers, and goodies. The word is also on the street that Falcom mightbe announcing something at TGS, as well.

Though Sony is waving around 18 unannounced titles for the Vita, and Falcom is a Vita launch developer… Hmm!

Goodies from Falcom at TGS include:

  • Falcom Magazine, Free Edition II
  • Chibi Mishie straps
  • Ao no Kiseki, LED totebag (I want that bag! -ED)


A Tokyo Game Show special issue of Dengeki Playstation with a feature on Ao no Kiseki- this will be available at the Ascii Media Works booth during the show.

But wait- there’s more??

On Sunday Sept 18 (public day), the JDK Band will be performing on the Konami Stage at 11:00 Japan Time. This will be 9pm Eastern on Saturday, Sept 17th.

Why is this important? Because, like with last TGS, Konami will be streaming all major events on their ustream channel- the JDK Band event included.

I’ve even received confirmation on this via twitter. :D

Per the TGS schedule, this will be an ‘Ao no Kiseki Commemoration’ and JDK Band Performance.
The MC Will be Ai Sengoku
The JDK Band will include: Kanako Kotera, Mizuki Mizutani, Shingo Kujime, and Mishie

[ Falcom TGS Website ]
[ Konami TGS App @ Facebook ]
[ Konami’s Ustream Channel ]

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