PICSPAM REVIEW! Zero no Kiseki PC (Chinese) Limited Edition Set

(Note: the name ‘kayceephoto’ belongs to my photography blog. I’m still sticking my watermark on these.)

This is very spammy with lots of images, so I’ve put it all behind a cut, too. I also apologize if some of these are blurry. The lighting was awful, and I wasn’t using my good macro lens.

Also, you can click on all the images to enlarge them.

So,when it was announced, I preordered the Chinese PC version of Zero no Kiseki. I knew that it would be a good way to help eagerly wait for Ao no Kiseki, since I expected it to arrive a few weeks before (22 days!) the game comes out.

So. It arrived today. And while I saw photos and so forth and read details on it, I figured I’d provide a picspam of the goodies. Then when I get a chance to, I’ll play the game some and tell everyone what I think of the PC version.

We’ll go ahead and start with the massive box. It’s a large, top lift box made of a very heavy cardboard. Like a boardgame or something, but with heavier cardboard than that.

Just to show a bit of the size, I’ve set my PSP on it for comparison.

To open it, of course you lift the lid up and all the goodies are inside. Actually, the Lloyd figure and the file weren’t. And I don’t have the notebook inside in this shot either.

Unfortunately, the game case came broken. But the disc itself is still in good condition.

For the game itself you have a CD case with the game disc in it, a (albiet small) instruction manual, and a second little booklet to show you how you install the game.

On the back of the game manual is a little patch of ‘scratch off material’, which is covering what I assume to be the authorization key to install the game. Obviously, as of this post, I’ve not installed the game.

Now, I’ll go into the items that came outside of the game box. The first would be the Lloyd figurine. It came in its own box with art of the image that was used to design the figure. Sadly, the box was actually adhered shut, so I had to rip a part of it to get it open.

Unfortunately, the tonfas are very fragile, and I think one is already on the verge of snapping. I plan to put him on my desk at work (he’ll be alongside Tio and Elie on my shelf at my cube after I get Ao no Kiseki)- but I’ll need to be careful about transporting him.

Now, the other item that wasn’t packaged in the box itself was the clear-file. But it’s not really clear, so it’s not exactly accurate to call it that. The image on the front is of a bunch of the characters in SD form with the map of Liberl-Crossbell-Remiferia in the background.

The back image is awesomely adorable, too.

(Yes, that is totally tweetdeck you see in the background.)

Another item that immediately caught my attention was a small white box. Inside of it was a silver tin.

Of course, opening the tin you find inside the pendant of Wazy’s orbment charm.

While the pendant is gorgeous, it is a little cheap- but it’s no silver pendant like the one Falcom had, understandably. There’s a small mod I may make to it eventually, and change the chain it hangs on. Otherwise, I still like it.

Speaking of pendants… what about Guy’s dogtag? Well, that was loose in the box. But I found a once-sealed baggie, which I’m sure it was in originally. This is actually one of my favorite items in the box.

This is made of a fairly sturdy metal, and the lion-head charm on it is a similar make. It has a bit of a worn, gunmetal look, which I actually like.

The other favorite item that was in the box was the notebook. My goodness, it’s fabulous!

It’s made with a fake leather cover, but it actually feels very nice. It’s a soft cover. The CPD badge is fairly sturdy on it and metal. But what makes this a treat for me, I think, is the inside.

The inside is a soft faux suede. It has slots for credit cards, and a seethrough slot for an ID of some sort. The fact that it is a six ring binder makes it so that standard planner sets will fit in it, so it’s refillable. THIS is what made me happy. So it’s useful and can keep being used.

On the back cover, there’s a loop for you to store a pen, as well.

I’m actually debating on starting to use this, because of just how much I love it.

Going to the playing cards next…

The deck comes in a small, decorated cardboard box, with two different images on the front and back…

These cards are a replica of the playing cards from the casino in Crossbell. Complete from the face cards to the backs to the jokers. I forgot to take a picture of the ace cards, but they’re very cool looking as well.

Each of the face cards of the suits are based on another Falcom series… The clubs are Gurumin:

Zwei!! is the theme for hearts.

Diamonds is Zwei II.

And Brandish is spades.

Then the jokers are the witch from Vantage Master… as well as a photo of the backs of the cards…

I like the playing cards… but they’re playing cards. I’ll probably not play with them. They’ll probably go into the stack of cards along with my Ys IV ones and my El Hazard cards.

There are a pair of Mishie goodies- a big old plushie strap. This isn’t a little strap, really, like what you’d normally expect on a cell phone. This thing is surprisingly large. I could probably hang him on a bag or a purse rather than a cell phone.

I also keep forgetting how long Mishie’s tail is. :o

Then there’s a little suedecloth phone case. It’s a drawstring case, and the Mishie image is black vinyl.

And… an image of it in use.

Yes. KeA is on my phone’s wallpaper. :D

The set also comes with a strategy guide/artbook. But if you’re familiar with the one that was released in Japan a while ago… it’s the same book, just translated into Chinese. …just with a different cover.

Last but not least… the CDs. Yes. As in plural. I knew this was going to come with some sort of mini soundtrack, but I didn’t expect what I got.

Chinese versions of the six editions of the Soundtrack Mini.

Lloyd, Elie, Tio, and Randy editions…

And the White and Black editions.

And that’s it. I also did a live unboxing on my stream. I’ve included video footage from that. The first video, I didn’t realize that I didn’t have any audio. I apologize for that, but I do have audio in the second. (It’s cut because I was told I had no audio. hahaha.)

All in all, I’m really impressed with this set. It’s a fabulous set, and while some things were (only slightly, mind you) disappointing, I’m happy with it as a whole. It’s a good price, too. (I paid $40 for it, before shipping.)

I’m partially considering on trying to track down a Randy set to see if I can have him with my figures as well.

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Watch live video from omgfloofy of the Sanctuary Crew! on

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24 Replies to “PICSPAM REVIEW! Zero no Kiseki PC (Chinese) Limited Edition Set”

  1. omg! I want this even though I can’t play it, I’m a bit tempted since its only $55 in Play-Asia while the PSP version is $72!! is this really the effect of being a Falcom fan? I feel like I’m becoming too ocd when it comes to their games…

  2. This is the mainland version right? (Not the HK version?) I think Play-Asia’s only selling the HK version, but the HK version doesn’t seem to come with the dogtag & pendant…

    Argh, decisions…

    1. Yes. I’m pretty sure this is the mainland version. I think they still have the box on yesasia, also.

      I actually went through a Chinese proxy shopping service to get mine.

      1. Ah, I see. My relatives live in Taiwan, so I was thinking of asking them to buy it for me…I’m just not sure which version of the game I should ask them to find XD.

        Do you know how many different limited edition versions there are?

        1. IIRC, the mainland is getting several different Limited Editions, but the Taiwan release only has 1 LE version and 1 regular.

        2. I don’t know how many versions there are off the top of my head. I can think of at least five, though, excluding the Taiwan version? I’m not sure, however…

  3. Hi!

    I’m definely buying the digital version of this game, I can’t wait

    Here hoping Ao no Kiseki gets a version for PC too in the future

  4. I’ve ordered the Taiwan version being done by Interwise, had to go talk directly to their shipment department to get the order in. They have the different character figure for their “special” Limited edition. I got KeA figure, and also it looks like it has the lion necklace but no cards… or other goodies

  5. Can someone tell me a proxy service so I can order from China in the future?

    and the Interwise Taiwan Special Edition: Art book, Walkthrough, Bookmarks, and Mouse pad.

    Special “Demon King Edition”: in addition of the special edition you will also get a figure of your choice, and the wolf necklace.

  6. Hi! Could someone link me a site where I can buy the limited edition shown in the pics? I live in Europe, I hope that isn’t a problem.

    Thanks in advance!

  7. I just receive my zero no kiseki on pc but is not the same box as you and i dont have the wazy orbement charm, the Lloyd figurine and the picture on both side. how many version exist? and do you have a tip what is my version? i buy from amazon.

    BTW, my cd game case is broken too :(

    here some pictures:


  8. Yeah, as I said I would love to know where I can buy that edition. I imagine that’s the Mainland China L.E., but I don’t know where I can find it :\

  9. Is there anyway for me to get a set other than proxy service? I am from Malaysia and doesn’t ship to my place if I’m not mistaken.

    The copy on play-asia had been sold out and the price on yesasia is really expensive. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks~

  10. floofy, can I know which from which online website did you get your version, im more interested in yours compared to others.~ thanks~~

    1. I had one I found on taobao a very long time ago, just after the announcement. found a copy for me based on the link I provided.

  11. @yukin\omgfloofy: I tried searching on, but the “Deluxe edition” of Zero no Kiseki I found there has a different cover from the one shown in the Blog entry, and since I read there are multiple different L.E.s released (both are different from the one sold by Playasia, for instance) I fear to buy the wrong one :\

    Also, could you link me a good Chinese Tenso-like proxy service and, if you have the time, a little guide regarding how to use I can’t find an English or Japanese option (probably they aren’t there) and I don’t know Chinese. Thanks!

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