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Zero no Kiseki Event Full Voice Edition Teaser Site Updated

Earlier today, Falcom announced the major overhaul of the teaser site for the Event Full Voice Edition of Zero no Kiseki, located at http://www.zero-full.com. The website is now all white with the image of an Enigma orbment with the CSPD emblem on the coverplate.

This site also has the date and time for a ‘work presentation’ event, to occur at Nicofarre on 2/9, at 6:00pm, Japan Time. This will also be live streamed. I will provide more information on this as it comes up.

The website does, once again, confirm that Chara-Ani and Pyramid are on-board with Falcom on developing this port. There is still no information on what their involvement on this project is, as of this time.

The current name for this release of the game is also still tentative.

Toshihiro Kondo has confirmed in a 4gamer.net interview that they intend to make use of the Vita’s technical capabilities with this edition of Zero no Kiseki. What these additions are, there has been no word.

[ Zero no Kiseki Event Full Voice Edition Teaser Site ]

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