Looking For A Screenshot from Nayuta no Kiseki? How About Two?

’nuffsaid. An incomplete scan from the Dengeki issue for this week is in people’s hands. Falcom has been very tight-fisted on any sort of information on Nayuta no Kiseki, so anything out in the wild is a huge bit of info. These come from a two page ad on Nayuta no Kiseki that will be in the 3/30 issue of the magazine.

The next issue available on 4/13 will feature an article on the game. Perhaps before then, we will see the website go from teaser to full website on Falcom’s page.

This appears that Nayuta will definitely be the first of the two games from Falcom this year.

5 Replies to “Looking For A Screenshot from Nayuta no Kiseki? How About Two?”

  1. I’m pretty sure we’re looking at a prequel too and I wonder if the interface and its suggestion of Action-RPGness might explain why Legend of Heroes got dropped from the title.

    Also, shouldn’t this be one game of three Falcom is releasing this year? We know about ZnK:E, now this and the last word on the subject is that Celceta should be out this year too. Surprised we haven’t heard more on that one.

    1. Technically, Falcom isn’t in charge of Zero Evo’s release- that’s entirely Kadokawa’s work. Falcom themselves will be releasing Nayuta and Celceta this year.

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