Nayuta no Kiseki Information Revealed in Dengeki PS Leak


Nayuta Herschel (Vo: Mizuhashi) – 15 years old. A boy with blue hair. His hobby is astronimcal observation. He’s extremely curious.
Noi (Kayano) – A tiny fairy-like girl with pink hair in pigtails. She is about 30cm tall. Noi uses gearcrafts for the map and gimmicks.
Signa Alhazen (Suzumura) – Nayuta’s childhood friend. A genius swordsman.

Genre: Story Action RPG

The system is based on a cooperation-link system with the hero and partner, and it is possible to command two characters to attack simultaneously, yet it isn’t complicated at all. The game can work for both beginners and advanced players. Every battle feels like a boss battle. It is the highest peak of quality from Falcom.

This game has been in development for at least two years now. It challenges the graphic capabilities of the PSP.

The ‘Legend of Heroes’ title has been removed because this is unrelated to the previous games, but looking into the details of it, the ‘Kiseki’ title will make sense.

The concept world is a planet. (???) It is not a round world, and what is beyond the edges is unknown. It has four seasons- summer, fall, winter, spring.

The characters are entirely in 3D, and move and act in their forms. Their outfits are changeable. The events and gameplay are with seamless trasnsition. There are 2D movies in it.

The drama CD is in its editing phases.

This is supposed to be the ‘new expression’ of Falcom.

I will be getting the Dengeki Playstation issue for this week. I will provide more info once I have it.

In other news, Dengeki says that the graphics of Ys Celceta have been greatly improved and they can’t wait to show them. Also, Falcom’s begun devleopment on a third game.

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  1. Unrelated to the previous games? Aw.

    >The system is based on a cooperation-link system with the hero and partner
    I wonder if this will be like Zwei II.

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