Falcom Currently Testing PC Edition of Zero no Kiseki In-House?

What on earth does the above mean? The poster states that they have visual confirmation of test play work for Zero no Kiseki PC in-house. Maybe it’s going to be going on sale? What does it feel like to release a packaged PC title after so long? There is anxiety on both sides of this.

“We have spotted people testing the PC version of Zero no Kiseki in company.” – Lorianna (I really had to make sure I’m reading this right!!)

Per Alerith, the tweet mentions is as ‘unconfirmed.’ That this was spotted by a member of PR.

Keep in mind, this can just be the Chinese release, as well. …but it’s interesting that this was stated on twitter. What could it mean? This is going under rumors, because despite it being from an official source, I can’t confirm anything on it beyond just what it is. But this could be /great/ news.

[ @NihonFalcom on Twitter ]

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  1. I really do hope that they release it for the PC platform. Clearly there are people out here who would love to play the PC version, because it has better graphics and it is more accessible. Not to mention, the original Kiseki series were so popular on the PC platform, it would be like betraying the expectations of the fans to not release one for the PC.

    1. Possibly! However, Falcom did not see the sales increase the way they did until after they went to console.

      Watching their twitter account and the comments they’ve made, towards the end of their PC production, they were having troubles selling their PC titles.

      A tweet I had seen in the past couple of months was someone was saying how much they love Zwei II, but the ONLY TIME they sell copies of it is when it’s on sale.

      Maybe they were popular, but with the state of Japan’s PC gaming market, they weren’t popular enough to keep the company afloat. Falcom’s founder had been saying that they needed to get out of the PC market for years before they actually did.

      It’ll be a great thing to see if they bring it to PC, but at this point, it’ll be a way to thank the fans- it’s not going to be a means of showing more popularity for it, in my opinion.

      1. That is very unfortunate. I guess some kind of group that is not Falcom has to licence the game first and then localize it to North America PC platform. The other possibility is to translate the Chinese version of the game into English, or retranslate into Japanese, which if you think about it, shouldn’t be too hard since all you got to do is copy the words from the original PSP version.

        1. This may sound pretty awful, but I hope no one tries to localize the Chinese version.

          I’ve known hacking efforts that have attempted to gain access to the script in that particular version. It wasn’t a successful attempt, because the DRM in the Chinese version is integrated so much into the game… you can’t get access to much of the data at all without requiring the ‘server’ giving the go-ahead for it.

          And from my experience with it, it’s integrated into every part of the game, no less. You can’t even get the visual resources from it without encountering the DRM.

          So while you may just ‘have to copy the script over,’ you still have to deal with that programming on it, which causes many of the copies to not even run, because of issues.

          My issue with it, for example: 1) I got my copy to run once. But I have to actually enter the serial number -everytime I load it-. And after the second time, it stopped working. So now I can’t run it at all.

          2) When I actually DID get it to run, the sounds wouldn’t function at all, because the game wasn’t properly programmed to recognize my soundcard. (this is apparently a known issue, too.)

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