More Details and Images on Ys Celceta Famitsu Leak Trickling Out

Moreinformation has begun to come out. I’m also going to throw these images and the ones from my last post into the gallery when I get the opportunity.

Adol Christin – A young adventurer. He had his aim set to see the ‘Sea of Trees’ – but somewhere along the line in the middle of the forest, he has lost his memory. To find out what happened, he needs to challenge the great forest once again.

Duren – A handsome, well-built man with white hair swept back into a ponytail. He is the sort that can’t leave things alone when people are troubled, so he has decided to follow along and assist Adol.

Karna – A ponytailed girl in a costume with a “high degree of exposure.” [ed: hahaha] She’s from a community that lives within the trees of the great forest, and is a cheerfully obliging sort of person. She is well trained in combat and hunting. It seems that she has run into Adol once, before he lost his memory.

There is a fourth character showing up in screenshots, but no information on who he or she is.

Setting Details
Town – Castin
Several years ago, the town was invaded by the Romun and is now under imperial occupation. Weapon, armor, and item shops can be found here.

Field – The Celceta Forest
Time passes on the field, from morning, noon, to night in realtime. The sounds from the environment are being handled with 3D sound to create a realistic ambiance. There are many areas in the forest- even seemingly snow covered areas. It was within this forest that Adol lost his memory. There are also traces of a mysterious, ancient civilization within it as well.

Flashy combat through simple execution. Use buttons to control skills and attacks, and the touch screen to issue commands to party members. It is possible for characters to coordinate for air combos as well. There also seems to be an ‘autolearning’ skill system.

Development State
According to Toshihiro Kondo, the president of Falcom, the game’s currently at 80%. This is their ’25th Anniversary commemorative game’ for the series, as well. They intend to use the situation of the new hardware to drastically ‘power up’ the series- that this will be its best work yet.

New Images – click to enlarge:

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