Nayuta no Kiseki Website Update – Long Play Movie Added


Ofcourse, the biggest part of the update is the 10 minute, long-play movie, featuring Kamicha and Okaji of the JDK Band (and JDKtv) playing Nayuta no Kiseki. This features many areas, a lot of game play, and an exceptional boss battle.

Most of this video was originally shown at the Falcom Offline Meeting that happened a couple of weeks ago, but there is more footage that wasn’t shown there.

Special Wallpapers

Falcom has begun their weekly cycling of wallpapers. This week’s are Nayuta and Noi:



These wallpapers will stay up until 6/22. They will then cycle to the next set of characters.

While Eida and Sasha have both been revealed on the characters page, there have been no other silhouettes added.

They have also added a little more information on the event happening in Sendai. I will be posting more information on that later.

[ Nayuta no Kiseki Official Website ]

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    1. Toshihiro Kondo has stated that this game is not related to the Zemuria stories, but fans of the series will understand why it has the ‘Kiseki’ title.

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