Celceta Images from Dengeki 521

Thanks to @RyougaSaotome on Twitter for providing these! The information on the article canbe found here.

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3 Replies to “Celceta Images from Dengeki 521”

  1. Leeza’s the recipient of a broken heart from someone other than Adol (shocking, I know) unless they seriously rework things and she’s already got a pretty well defined role in the story. Since they’ve made Karna playable I’m guessing they’ll be going the manga route and make her more love-interest-y this time. At this point I won’t be shocked if they drop Lilia’s appearance entirely.

    For Griselda… with that outfit I’m now more convinced than before that she’s really Bammy and has picked a more subtle way than usual to manipulate Adol. If not, well, sure, why not? Adol’s got a girl in every country he’s been to, why not preemptively throw in Romn. Not like her age is an issue. Feena is [i]how[/i] much older than he is again, even if you don’t count how long she was asleep?

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