New Sen no Kiseki Details in This Week’s Famitsu




Twonew party members revealed:
Machias Legneitz – Upper right of the first image, he uses a shotgun.
Eusis Albaria – Blond haired swordsman.

These two I suspect are going to be teachers:
Chairman Vandyke – Lower right hand of the second image.
Sara Valestein – Upper left hand of the second image.

Once I can get a clearer shot, I’ll provide more information on the article.

This is supposed to have information on fishing, and I see information on the town named Trista, as well as some more details on the academy, also.

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6 Replies to “New Sen no Kiseki Details in This Week’s Famitsu”

  1. Hopefully they won’t do like Zero, where Llyod, Elie, Tio and Randy complemented each other so well that you never wanted to use any other characters.

    (Then they “fixed” it in Ao by nerfing Elie into oblivion, sigh.)

    Hahaha Valestein

  2. Since they were your only characters for 90% of the game, it kind of made sense to have them work well together. Also, they nerfed everyone in Ao. I think they realized that things like 100% effective wide-area Blind, 100% effective small-area Freeze and 5 turns of all stats boosted were just a tad broken if you had them for the entire game.

    Also, we finally get a dedicated shotgun-user and Sara looks like she could have a dynamic play style. Plus, we’ve got in-class tensions and that always makes for interesting storytelling options.

    1. While they nerfed everyone in Ao indeed (I understand why they did that, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it – leveling characters felt more like relearning than improving), I just felt like Elie got the short end of the stick. I ended up benching her.

      Anyway, I hope Sen’s “extras” won’t feel redundant like Zero’s guests.

      1. I didn’t really like it either (same reasoning on the ‘relearning’ bit) but no use crying about it now. For character balance, I’m not too worried. Early artwork has shown off not only the initial quartet but silhouettes of a number of other characters (three just revealed here, silver-haired girl and one more, plus a character with a spear assuming that’s not one of the two mystery girls) and everyone we’ve met so far is part of Class VII so I don’t think we’ll have a repeat of the ‘guest character’ situation.

  3. Laura still sounds and looks like my favorite character so far. Sara the teacher looks like a very good design as well and hopefully she’s playable. Hope we learn more about the game as far as gameplay is concerned very soon.

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