New Sen no Kiseki Details in Dengeki Playstation and Famitsu

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Twonew Sen no Kiseki cast members have been revealed in this week’s magazines.

Angelica Rogner (cv: Naomi Shindou)
One of which is the character from our silhouette, a 19 year old student named Angelica Rogner. She is the daughter of Marquis Rogner, one of the Four Great families of Erebonia and who controls the northern Nordia region. She rides an orbal bike, wears a riding suit, and she is an unarmed fighter, using martial arts for combat. Second to her love of bikes is her love for other girls. There are rumors that she has many girlfriends both in and out of the academy. She also has a close friendship with Towa, the head of the student council, and acts as support for Rean and the others.

Towa Herschel (cv: Ai Nonaka)
18 years old, and uses small handguns for a weapon. She is a senior at the academy, has a small build, and is the head of the student council. She is a softhearted person, and as a commoner has worked very hard to get to where she is now. Through her popularity with the noble students, she was able to receive a recommendation for the position she has in the student council. She often provides support for Rean and his class.

Other voice actors revealed:
Claire – Miyu Matsuki
Sara – Megumi Toyoguchi
Rufus – Daisuke Hirakawa
Major Neithardt – Daisuke Matsubara
Director Vandyke – Shingo Horii


Some of the crafts for the series have been revealed. The original Craft system is maintained, where you can expend CP to use specialized attacks in combat. You can use all of your CP to attack with a special move called an S-Craft, which becomes available once you have 100 CP.

(Editor Note: I apologize fi my translations are rough. I had to work at them very quickly today and couldn’t fully proofread. Please let me know in comments if something needs correcting.)

Jusis – Precious Sword – The ground below the feet of an enemy within range is frozen, then Jusis attacks them with his sword. There is a chance of the target getting hit with either the Freeze and Seal Crafts status effects.
Fie – Limit Cyclone – An attack that has her jump and shoot at enemies within the attack range.
Machias – Breakshot – Machias shoots the enemy with his shotgun. This attack lowers defense and cancels Arts casting.
Gaius – Turbulence – Gaius uses his spear to attack the enemy with a tornado. It can also blind the enemy.
Elliot – Echoes Beat – All allies within range will have some HP recovery and their defense boosted.
Rean – Kouyou Kiri – An attack while drawing the blade from its sheath. Has an AT Delay effect on the target.
Alisa – Flamberge – An attack with heated arrows. Cancels Arts casting and can set the Fire status on enemies, slowly draining them of HP.
Laura – Tessaiba [ed: Not sure on the reading for this] – A powerful jump attack with her sword. It lowers defense and stuns the target.
Emma – Astral Flare – A large range fire attack. Can set the enemy on fire and cause confusion.
Sara – Narukami – A wide range gun attack. Each shot is accompanied by a lightning strike that hits neighboring targets. It may add Seal Craft on the enemy.

Release Information

The game will be released for both PS3 and PS Vita on 9/26. The PS3 version will be available for 8190 yen, and the Vita version will cost 7140 yen. It’s possible to get a Drama CD edition for the price + another 1050 yen. The drama CD will have an original scenario for the game’s story.

Editor Note: Thanks to VividAriah for finding the image. I’m still on the lookout for better scans.

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5 Replies to “New Sen no Kiseki Details in Dengeki Playstation and Famitsu”

  1. WoW the characters specials sound very good for some of the characters like Sara. Anyway the characters look great and I can’t wait to play as them.

  2. I’d rather see Angelica in action with Towa. *rimshot*

    Seriously though, Rean looks like he’s going to deliver more Hachiyou Ittou awesomeness, Jusis is like Loewe-lite, Emma, Fie and Sara’s Crafts sound really cool and just look at the voice cast we’re getting.

      1. Bah, no such thing. After Ao, the least Falcom can do if they’re giving us a character like Angelica is have some scenes played for some value of romance instead of comedic sociopathy.

        Anyhow, figured I might as well chip in with translations for the revealed S-Crafts since the article doesn’t have them. I think you’ve seen the full scans for a future post, right floofy?

        Rean – Honoo no Tachi – Rean wreathes his sword in scorching flames and cuts down a group of enemies faster than the eye can see. The ability to draw out a sword and strike with such speed is a secret technique of the Hachiyou Ittou style.

        Laura – Ougi – Koujin Ranbu – A secret technique passed down through the Arseid family; foes are struck down by a series of slashes with a sword enveloped in a dazzling aura of light.

        Emma – Lord Arberion – A magic circle is formed and countless towers rise up from the earth and surround the enemies. Powerful energy is gathered and strikes the space between the towers, turning the battlefield to ash.

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