Sen no Kiseki Website Redesigned and Updated Plus the 5/23 Updates


Falcomupdated the Sen no Kiseki website this week, along with a new design for it.


The cast for the main characters has been announced.

From my recent post:
Rean: Kouki Uchiyama
Alisa: Yui Horie
Eliot: Ryouko Shiraishi
Laura: Mariya Ise
Machias: Takuya Satou
Jusis: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Emma: Saori Hayami
Fii: Hisako Kanemoto
Gaius: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Battle System

AT Battle


Sen no Kiseki will feature the AT Battle System that has been a trait of all of the games of the Kiseki series. The primary characteristic of the AT Battle system is the AT Bar featured on the right of the screen. The AT Bar shows the order of all attacks in the battle. On some turns, AT Bonuses will become available and affect that character on their turn- be careful, because this can help your enemies as well. The key to winning any battle will be using this AT Bar to your advantage.

Links Attacks
Immediately after the ‘posture change,’ [ed: I may be incorrect on this?] within the time limit, you can call in an attack with your allies on the enemy.

You earn Brave Points by using Pursuit type link attacks, which can be used to perform the stronger Rush and Burst attacks.

Pursuit – The linked party character will immediately followup with an attack of their own.
Rush – The linked characters will perform an attack together.
Burst – All four party members will attack the enemy simultaneously.

Attack Attributes

The type of weapons a character uses can determine the ability that character has in hitting the enemy’s weak points.

The four attack types are:
Slash – Cutting attack. Serves as an all purpose attack. Enemies with soft skin and vegetation are weak to this type.
Thrust – An attack type that focuses on stabbing and piercing vital points on enemies. Effective against large monsters and fish.
Pierce – A method of attack that consists of rapidly firing arrows or bullets. Enemies that fly are weak to this, but it can also crack the hard shells of other types of enemies.
Strike – An attack type that smashes its enemies with heavy strikes. Effective on enemies with hard shells and large monsters.
[ed: I took influence from the translation of another Falcom game that I’m quite sure this system is being pulled from on names of attacks that do similar things in that game.]

Rean – Slash: S Rank | Thrust: None | Pierce: None | Strike: None
Alisa – Slash: None | Thrust: None | Pierce: S Rank | Strike: None
Elliot – Slash: D Rank | Thrust: D Rank | Pierce: C Rank | Strike: C Rank
Laura – Slash: A Rank | Thrust: None | Pierce: None | Strike: A Rank
Machias – Slash: None | Thrust: None | Pierce: A Rank | Strike: B Rank
Jusis – Slash: A Rank | Thrust: B Rank | Pierce: None | Strike: None
Emma – Slash: D Rank | Thrust: C Rank | Pierce: C Rank | Strike: D Rank
Fie – Slash: B Rank | Thrust: B Rank | Pierce: B Rank | Strike: None
Gaius – Slash: None | Thrust: S Rank | Pierce: None | Strike: None

I will post the timeline data to another post, simply because it will have some spoiler information in it, and I’m sure people will like to try to avoid such things.

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