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AQ&A was posted about Sen no Kiseki’s release to provide some information for people who may be interested in purchasing the game.

Question: Do the PS3 and PSVita versions of Sen no Kiseki share save data and trophy information?
Answer: Yes. Through the Cross-Save system, save files and trophy information can be shared between the two versions. This will require the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita to be connected, along with a PSN Account.

Question: Will DLC and Product Codes be able to be shared between PS3 and PSVita versions?
Answer: Yes. Through the Crossbuy system, DLC and Product Codes can be shared between the two versions. This will require a PSN account, and possibly a connection between the two systems.

Question: How would you use product codes?
Answer: For steps to show how to enter product codes on PSN, you can find the Japanese instructions here. (And the English instructions here.)

Question: Are the PS3 and Playstation Vita versions different?
Answer: While the game itself is the same, the only addition to the PS Vita version will be the implementation of touch screen controls.

Question: Are there any differences in the drama CD included in the PS3 edition from the PSVita edition?
Answer: There will be no differences to the drama CD.

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