Falcom Acoustic Live and Talk Show to be Live Streamed on Nico Douga


Falcomand Loft Plus One have both revealed that the Falcom Acoustic Live and Talk Show will be live streamed in Loft Plus One’s Nico Douga account.

It is currently available for timeshifting if you aren’t going to be able to see it live. (Remember: you must timeshift at least an hour before if you don’t have a premium accouont.) It takes place on 1/25 at 19:00 Japan time, which converts out to 5:00am Eastern the same day and the stream itself will begin three minutes prior.

I will likely be watching it and live tweeting announcements made through this event. Please see below for the Nico Live page.

[ Nico Live: Falcom Acoustic Live and Talk Show ]

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