VOCAL 2 is Now Available on Amazon for Digital Purchase


VOCAL2 has been made available on Amazon for digital purchases.

This album, like the previous, is a collection of vocal arrangements of Falcom’s music.

1. Dive into your Fate (The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki) – Kanako Kotera
2. Sora o Miagete Ending Version (The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki the 3rd) – Kanako Kotera
3. Too Full With Love (Ys II) – Fumi Hirano
4. Mahoujikake no Heart (Ys III Wanderers from Ys) – Rie Sugimoto
5. Release from the Far West Ocean ~I’m Here for You~ (Ys VI -the Ark of Napishtim-) – Yohichi Shigami
6. Rush Out! (Ys Seven) – Kanako Kotera
7. Go Fight (Star Trader) – Tomohiko Kishimoto
8. Hoshizora no Lullabye (Sorcerian) – Akino Arai
9. Moon Light Mystery (DragonSlayer: The Legend of Heroes) – Yuko Imai
10. Bokura no Mirai (Zwei II) – Kanako Kotera

The tracks individually cost .29, whereas the album costs .99.

You can go here to purchase the Album.
Conversely, if you want to purchase the Album and support my website (with no cost to you), please use this link instead.

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