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Boththe Sen no Kiseki Super Arranged Album and- in a seemingly well timed manner- the Brandish Original Soundtrack ~FM Towns & Revival~ albums are both available on Amazon for digital purchase.

As always, the links in this article are for, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on, if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may be available there as well.

Details of the albums are both behind the cut.

Brandish Original Soundtrack ~FM Towns & Renewal~

This two disc collection of the early music from Brandish is available for $15.99, and contains a total of 50 tracks over two discs. Each of the tracks can be purchased individually for 0.99 as well.


Disc 1 Disc 2
1. Prologue (6 Voices FM Synthesis Version) 1. Prologue (Renewal Version)
2. Ruins (FM Towns Version) 2. Ruins (Renewal Version)
3. Shop 2 (FM Towns Version) 3. Shop 2 (Renewal Version)
4. Ancient Statue (FM Towns Version) 4. Ancient Statue (Renewal Version)
5. Dela Delon (FM Towns Version) 5. Dela Delon (Renewal Version)
6. Shop 1 (FM Towns Version) 6. Shop 1 (Renewal Version)
7. Dink (FM Towns Version) 7. Dink (Renewal Version)
8. Crab Devil (FM Towns Version) 8. Crab Devil (Renewal Version)
9. Stage Clear (FM Towns Version) 9. Stage Clear (Renewal Version)
10. Tower (FM Towns Version) 10. Tower (Renewal Version)
11. Headless (FM Towns Version) 11. Headless (Renewal Version)
12. Rakshasa (FM Towns Version) 12. Rakshasa (Renewal Version)
13. Cave (FM Towns Version) 13. Cave (Renewal Version)
14. Kumo Onna (FM Towns Version) 14. Kumo Onna (Renewal Version)
15. Ninjya (FM Towns Version) 15. Ninjya (Renewal Version)
16. Dark Zone (FM Towns Version) 16. Dark Zone (Renewal Version)
17. Game Over (FM Towns Version) 17. Game Over (Renewal Version)
18. Fortress (FM Towns Version) 18. Fortress (Renewal Version)
19. Lobster (FM Towns Version) 19. Lobster (Renewal Version)
20. Azitakaha (FM Towns Version) 20. Azotakaha (Renewal Version)
21. Gadobistall (FM Towns Version) 21. Gadobistall (Renewal Version)
22. Ending 1 (FM Towns Version) 22. Ending 1 (Renewal Version)
23. Ending 2 (FM Towns Version) 23. Ending 2 (Renewal Version)
24. Ending 3 (FM Towns Version) 24. Ending 3 (Renewal Version)
25. Disk Copy (FM Towns Version) 25. Disk Copy (Renewal Version)

You can purchase the album here.
If you wish to support the site at no extra cost to yourself, you can purchase the album through my Amazon Affiliate account here.

The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Super Arrange Version

Released back in April, this CD features remakes of many of the popular tracks from Sen no Kiseki’s original soundtrack. You can buy the album in full for $11.99, and each track individually at $1.29.

1. Atrocious Raid
2. Belief
3. Kyukosha no Nazo
4. Tie a Link of ARCUS!
5. Dining Bar “F”
6. Aria – Holy Saint, Holy Spirit
7. Don’t Be Defeated by a Friend!
8. Ryo ni Kaero
9. The Decisive Collision
10. Yuiitsu no Kibo
11. Ashita E no Kodo

You can purchase the album here.
If you wish to support the site at no extra cost to yourself, you can purchase the album through my Amazon Affiliate account here.

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