Is XSEED Games Going to Release Brandish: The Dark Revenant?


In 2009, Falcom released Brandish: the Dark Revenant to PSP systems in Japan. This remake of the game is considered a fantastic version of the series staples and has brought a number of new individuals into the games.

Even in the past, after the partnership that XSEED Games made with Falcom, it has been wondered if they would release this title to the PSP in English. There had even been talks of it in interviews, but after Ken Berry’s statement in an RPGamer interview in 2012, people’s hopes were dashed:

Any more PSP releases after this would likely be digital-only as the market for UMDs continues to shrink. We wanted to work on Brandish, but could never work out the timing as either Falcom or ourselves were always busy with other projects. Sadly, that’s a project that just happened to fall through the cracks, but could perhaps be revisited if PSN sales of PSP titles see a big jump now that the PS Vita is on the market and people are able to download PSP games to it.

Fan excitement for the game began to be drummed up again recently with the emergence of a possible fan translation. Gu4n, the translator on the project has posted two images on Ancient Land of Ys to show that the script dump and text insertion was possible:

Regarding the work, Gu4n had stated that he was at about the 20% mark on the translation. The praise that followed regarding the opportunity to see the game in English was stopped by a surprise comment from Tom Lipschultz of XSEED, posting the following on Ancient Land of Ys:

This is an unexpected development, though there is no other information other than the blatant teasing from Wyrdwad on the forums. It certainly seems to imply that XSEED will finally get to release this title, though most likely as a digital only release for PSN. This game should be playable on both PSP and PSVita units through a digital download anyhow. After all of this time with people hoping, it looks like XSEED will finally be able to release this title they had hinted at some time ago.

As of this time, however, any other potential information is still not known. I will keep an ear open to find out more regarding it.

If you are interested to see more on the gameplay of Brandish: the Dark Revenant, Falcom released this gameplay video just before its release in 2009.

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