[Throwback Thursday] The Morning Grow – Endless History


Afterseeing a number of people caving in to the “Throwback Thursday” trend popping up around a number of social media sites, I decided it’d be a great way to bring up a lot of the old classic aspects of Falcom and so forth.

I figure, though, to start this series, I will be launching into the song that drove me to name my site- Endless History.

Endless History is the vocal rearrangement of The Morning Grow, the ending theme for Ys I. It was also the ending theme of the OVA series that saw its first episode released in 1989. If you’ve never had the opportunity to see them, by the way, you can easily find the collection on Amazon as well.*

Below is a sample of the Ys Complete version of The Morning Grow:

This is, and has been for a very long time, one of my favorite Falcom songs. When it came to trying to name the song for this website, there was little issue finding it. In fact, I even listened to the song when I came up with the original cutenews layout for it almost five years ago.

My love for Falcom started with the music- a friend left his copy of Perfect Collection Ys I at my apartment years and years ago. This was the first time I heard Endless History and I was hooked. This album would eventually begin the dark path that I’ve found myself on today. So while you can say it holds a special place in my heart due to the fact that it is the name of my website, I think my love for it goes far deeper. This is one of the songs that drew me into Falcom, even.

The original version of the song is performed by Shoko Minami, but the jdk Band has actually performed this in recent years, using Icarus Watanabe to sing the lyrics and his voice helped provide a slightly different character to the song.

To this day, I have several copies of the song on my ipod from various albums, as well as having it on my cloud player from Amazon, so I’m never that far from it- if it comes up on one of my randomized playlists, this song still gets priority over the others that could come up.

When it comes to ending themes from various Falcom games, are there any particular tracks you like? Have any out there struck a particular chord (har har) with you? Feel free to respond via tweets or comments!

You can find Endless History and The Morning Grow on the following albums on Amazon.com:

* Note, this is for the region 1 version of the OVA. If people request it, I can probably track down the DVDs from Japan as well to add another region in on this.

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