Sen no Kiseki II’s Link to Ao no Kiseki Grows Stronger – New Characters and Other Details


Thisweek’s issues of Famitsu and Dengeki have revealed a surprising pair of characters, on top of two anticipated members of the Ouroboros organization. With the arrival of two of these four characters, however, the link between Erebonia and Crossbell grows stronger.

New Location

Crossbell City


Sen no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki II both run simultaneously along with the events of the previous two games, Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki. At the event on 6/8/2014, Kondo showed a simple timeline to confirm this information.

New Characters

Lloyd Bannings


cv: Tetsuya Kakihara
Age: 19
Weapon: Baton-Type Tonfas

Cut for Ao no Kiseki Spoilers

An investigator for the Crossbell Police, belonging to the Special Support Section. Honest and straight-forward, Lloyd is passionate about boldly fighting against injustice and violence. He is the leader of the Special Support Section, and he has stood up against many incidents in Crossbell, and together with his friends, he has been able to surmount the great barriers that have stood before him. Sen no Kiseki takes place the following year, in 1205 of the Septian Calendar, during the crisis of the imperial occupation of Crossbell. What actions will Lloyd decide…?


Rixia Mao


cv: Rina Satou
Age: 18
Weapon: Zanmatou

Cut for Zero/Ao no Kiseki Spoilers

Rixia is a young woman with two faces: that of the famous artist with the performance troupe, Arc n’Ciel, and that of the legendary assassin known as “Yin.” She took up this role from her father, as it is part of her family lineage, but after meeting Ilya, becoming an artist in Arc n’Ciel, and meeting Lloyd and the others, she has decided to be one person- the artist Rixia Mao- and to walk her own path.


Bleu Blanc


cv: Hiroaki Miura
Age: Unknown

Legion Number X of the Ouroboros, known by the alias as the Gentleman Thief, Bleu Blanc specializes in sleight of hand and exploiting his opponent’s weaknesses. Despite being positioned in Erebonia by the organization, he has shown up across the continent using the name ‘Phantom Thief B.’ He always keeps his face hidden with a mask and very often tricks his opponents with disguises. In the previous game, he was acting as ‘Baron Bleu Blanc,’ playing along as one of the nobles. He was constantly encountering Class VII and challenging them with riddles in order to test out the strengths of Rean and his classmates. It seems that Bleu Blanc carries an interest in that power that sleeps within Rean.


Cut for Sen no Kiseki Spoilers

Vita Clotilde


cv: Yukari Tamura
Age: 24

The Second Pillar of the Anguis of the Ouroboros, Vita uses the alias The Blue Abyss and has a blue bird with her named Girianos. In the previous game, she was maintaining two ‘appearances,’ one as Misty, the host for the popular radio show Abend Time, and as a famous opera singer with the Imperial Opera House. With these, she was able to further the plans of the Erebonian phase of the Phantom Blaze Project, of which the occupation of the Imperial Capital by the noble faction was the first active phase. There is also the matter of the one who calls her ‘sister’ – what is Vita’s relationship with Emma of Class VII?


New Relationship (Bonding) Events

Special events can take place to raise the ‘relationship points’ with other characters in the team. These points can go into use in combat and bring about added actions- and they can turn the tide of battles. In the previous game, they were various event scenes, but for Sen no Kiseki II, they have been “powered up,” to include things such as minigames.

Many images of different bonding events were revealed in this week’s Famitsu, including billards with Claire, a snowboarding race against Millium, and racing RC cars with Machias and Jusis.

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