Theme Song for Sen no Kiseki II Revealed at Sofmap Event [Off-Screen Video and Lyrics in Article]


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Today, Falcom’s doing an event with a raffle if you preordered Sen no Kiseki II and purchased Ao no Kiseki Evolution. You can get the current Kiseki magazines and be entered into a raffle for a variety of prizes. However, that’s not what the surprise at the event was.

As seen in the video below, someone recorded video of Sen no Kiseki II’s theme song. It is called Senkou no Yukue. It is performed by Kanako Kotera and the jdk Band.

The lyrics have been posted on 2ch already, and through the assistance of Ayu Ohseki, I’ve been able to get a translation of it as well.

Please note that much of what we have may not be correct, as we (and users on 2ch) have been trying to transcribe it to the best of our abilities. Once the fully accurate lyrics come out, I’ll be sure to fully update everyone on them.

*lyrics marked with [] are where we were unsure in the transcription. As a result, they may be incorrect.

Title: Senkou no Yukue
Translation: Where the Light Flashes
Translation by: Ayu Ohseki
Vocals: Kanako Kotera
Music: Falcom jdk BAND

Translated Lyrics
What dream should I dream when even my despair has been snatched away?
I have no way to grieve, for I’ve lost the words to describe my sorrow and frustration

I hear the warmth that should have been here
Suddenly vanish and leave [my heart]* frozen
Will you tell me to stand up and face [myself too]*?

As my shattered dream gasps in noisome pain,
I can only keep fighting, [gripping]* a blade of light
The scar rent upon me bleeds something like crimson magma
I can only keep fighting, now [brandishing]* light on the blade
The trails carved upon the glittering blade

Romaji Lyrics
Donna yume wo mireba ii no zetsubou sae ubawarete
Kanashii to ka kuyashii to ka kotoba nakushi nageku sube mo nai

Aru hazu no nukumori ga totsuzen ni kiesatte
Kooru [mune]* kikoeru [boku mo]*
Tachiagare yo tachimukae to anata ha iu no ka

Kudaketa yume ga sawagu itami ni aeginagara
Hikari no yaiba wo [nigirishime]* tatakaitsudzukeru dake
Sakareta kizu ga nagasu makka na maguma no you na
Hikari wo yaiba ni ima [kakagete]* tatakaitsudzukeru dake
Kirameku yaiba ni kizamu kiseki

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