Minor Backend Updates to the Site and Tumblr Integration Completed


DidI seriously open an account at tumblr? So it seems. Clearly, it seems very empty in the screenshot above, but that should change soon.

In order to further my plans for world domination, you can find my site’s tumblr accouont at esteriornet.tumblr.com. The primary purpose for this isn’t that much unlike twitter- it’s basically yet another place for news notifications, but on a different social media than just twitter.

As a result, I’ve made some new integration changes on the back end to help the site with crossposting to tumblr as well as make the twitter notifications. And I may be getting myself in trouble for this, but I’ve opened up asks there as well. Feel free to keep using ask.fm if that’s your prerogative, though.

My next project should be eventually integration to Facebook and Google+ which will give me plenty of coverage across multiple social media sites, and allow me to maintain some semblance of control over my content and news. It also means yet another avenue to spread the love of Falcom and their games while we’re at it.

As a result, since there’s a completely new system integrated into the website, there may be things breaking here and there. Let me know through any of the places available to contact me!

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@EndlessHistory on Twitter
Ask.fm Link

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