Ys Origin on the Humble Weekly Bundle


Manywere surprised today when Ys Origin appeared in the Japan Edition for the Humble Weekly Bundle. The Humble Bundle allows you to name your price and the money will end up going to charity- even allowing you to choose who gets what percentage of the donation: the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Child’s Play. You can also tip the Humble Bundle which certainly helps them with maintenance costs and upkeep.

If you pay up to , you will get: Unholy Heights, One Way Heroics, and Gigantic Army. Ys Origin becomes an option, along with Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae and PixelJunk Shooter if you pay over $6. If you pay $10 or more, you will also get Astebreed.

The collection values at $67, and you will receive a steam code and a DRM free download.

This bundle will remain alive for another 6 days, 12 hours, and some minutes in change as of this post.

[ Humble Weekly Bundle: Japan Edition ]

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