Falcom’s Stock Hits the Yearly High on the Week of Sen no Kiseki II’s Launch


Whenthe Nikkei closed for 9/22/2014, Falcom’s stock had hit a value of 1,598 yen. The previous day, it was showing at 1,301, making the increase a 22.83% change upwards.

When the Nikkei opened on 9/22, the stock had been priced at 1,329. It had a high of 1,599 and a low of 1,313.

When looking at historical charts over the past ten years, though, since 2013, Falcom’s finally reaching in to numbers again that are similar to what they have had back during the PC era of their games. This also lines up with their yearly numbers in their reports over the past few years, and it also seems to ‘agree’ with the guess that this year may likely to be the first time they’ve received profits similar to what they’ve had back in the late 2000’s.


The first big jump in 2013, though, was in response to the creation of the Innovation Unit, and since then they’ve been able to maintain similar numbers.

This is all preceding what may end up being a very interesting year with Falcom’s yearly financial report, which is expected to be released later in November. The third quarter report, as well as the adjustment of last November’s forecast, show that this year may be a good one for Falcom on a financial standpoint.

[ Yahoo Financials – Nihon Falcom (Code # 3723) ]

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