[Administration] Extended Hiatus


This is something I’ve been fighting for awhile, on and off, as I’m sure anyone who’s seen my personal twitter can attest to.

And this is, most definitely, not something I’ve wanted to do. (And certainly don’t want my readers to have to suffer from a news site notorious for its poor translations! I’m sorry!)

However, my life has been chaotic with my job hunt, apartment hunt, a number of personal projects and so forth, that it’s gotten to where I can’t put a lot of focus on here for the time being. This is a break that I feel that I need, and something that will help me come back to this site with rest and the proper attitudes to complete it. And perhaps some new changes that I’ve been mulling over, but not having had the time to fully implement yet.

I will still report what I can on twitter. You can find me there as @EndlessHistory.

And somehow, this can be anything from two weeks to two or three months. I just need to get myself sorted, and get everything else handled. I am very, very very sorry that it had to come this way. I just want to be able to serve the fan community I love in a far better capacity than I have of late. The first step to do that is that I need to take a break, and get everything else in order.

Once this is said and done, I’ll happily do what I can to jump back into the fray! I promise that I will miss everyone and writing on here and stuff, and I hope that people are willing to stick around and wait for me to get my life back in gear.

Thank you all for your support and everything you have done for me so far! I don’t think I can show enough appreciation to you in words alone, and hope that I can make up for this in the future.

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  1. the Sen no Kiseki 1 that release on august 17 is a comic because it has only about one hundreds pages and the size is A5 bigger than Light Novel

    1. Thanks for the heads up! My original source for this didn’t give a distinction, for the details. I just corrected the entry on the calendar.

      As a note, there are a lot of Falcom based novels are also outside of the ‘light novel’ dimensions, though. So that can’t really be used to determine one way or another, unfortunately.

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