Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 10/5/2015 – Falcom Action RPG Set


Tokyo Xanadu may have only been out for a week, but as people begin to finish the game, they may be interested in other action RPGs developed by Falcom. This set brings together three great titles that are outside of the company’s usual flagship series.

EDIT on 10/14/2015: Falcom has updated this special to remain good until 10/18. I’ve updated the article to reflect that.

Gurumin Super Price Edition (Originally for 2200 yen)
Brandish the Dark Revenant Super Price Edition (Originally for 2200 yen)
Zwei!! Super Price Edition (Originally for 2200 yen)
Falcom Magazine 2016 vol 6 (Not for Sale)
Special Community Information Sheet ‘Tachikawa Xanadu’ (Not for Sale)

The total retail cost of this set is 6600 yen. The special price is –> 2,700 yen!

This order is good until 10/18, or until 30 orders have been made.

Order # 2739 (913 – 927 – 928)

[ Falcom Online Store – Special Sales ]

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