Musical Adaptation of Sen no Kiseki to Run from 1/8/2017 ~ 1/15/2017

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It has been announced today that a musical adaptation of The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki will run at the Zepp Blue Theater in Roppongi from 1/8/2017 to 1/15/2017 as part of the company’s 35th anniversary celebration.

THe musical version will be directed by Shutarou Oku, who has also directed musical adaptations of Persona 3 and 4. He has also been involved in stage productions of Rose of Versailles, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and Sengoku Basara.


The script is penned by Mio Inoue, who worked with Oku in the past on the Persona 4 musical.

Rean is being played by Ryuunosuke Matsumura, who has played lead roles in multiple stage productions of Sengoku Basara. Alisa is being played by singer Maon Kurosaki, who has been involved in a variety of albums and performed multiple anime theme songs.

The music for the performance will include arranges of multiple Falcom Sound Team JDK songs that were featured in the game, as well.

Future announcements will include additional cast members and ticket prices, and they will be able to be found on the official website as details go live.

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