Akatsuki no Kiseki’s Closed Beta Opens on 8/25, and How to Sign Up


Open Beta Details


Userjoy has revealed the open beta for Akatsuki no Kiseki. It will be starting on Thursday, 8/25/2016 at 15:00pm (Japan Time, 2am Eastern Time, as well).
* Please note that due to situations with the game, this time may change.

Target Users for the beta test:
* Anyone may participate in the open beta test.
* Players participating in the open beta need to remember that the game is still under development.
* Data is planned to be handed over into the official start date

* One of the goals of the open beta is a stress test on the game servers
* Userjoy will be gathering data from all users.

They are requesting that all users that encounter bugs to report them in to userjoy, and they will be making the best of everyone’s requests and tickets.

How to Sign Up

I have included some steps to help you with signing up for the service, as well. There’s a number of pictures placed behind the cut.

I’ll give a heads up- I’m not sure about the full process of the UJJ ID option since that’s not the method I used to sign up, so it may be easier to use the Open ID route for most people.

UserJoy Account Option


This is the first page of the user ID information.

Unfortunately, as I went the route for the Open ID- which may be easier for most everyone else- this won’t have as much detail. The next, below, however, will.

Open ID Option

First you will be asked which Open ID service you wish to use.


I picked twitter. We all know I’m obsessed with it, afterall.

Once you pick your service, you’ll get a login window for that service. Twitter is below:


…or if you use Facebook, you’ll see something like this:


After you tie your account to your open ID, you will be requested to fill out some information for the game.


Once you complete this, you will be asked to confirm your information. The orange button is to confirm, the gray is to go back. Take note that once you confirm it, you can’t change your registration information.

Afterwards, you’ll be shown a screen to thank you for your registration, and you will be given the option to go to the Akatsuki no Kiseki website or to close the window/tab.

Once this is complete, it’s just time to wait for the beta test.

As a final note, the email that UserJoy will be using is the one you gave at the game registration screen- not the one associated to your open ID account, such as twitter or Facebook.

[ Akatsuki no Kiseki Website ]

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