Full Cast and Details for the Sen no Kiseki Musical Unveiled


Back in August, Zepp Blue Theatre revealed that they will be doing a musical production of Sen no Kiseki/Trails of Cold Steel. While they announced the performers playing Rean (Ryuunosuke Matsumura) and Alisa (Maon Kurosaki), they promised they would unveil the rest of the cast on a later date.

Well, that date has come. (See under the cut for more details.)


  • Elliot Craig will be played by Kaito Nakamura, who was part of the Shuriken Sentai Ninninger cast.
  • Jusis Albarea will be played by Yuuki Tomotsune, who is a model and was part of the Prince of Tennis musical cast.
  • Machias Regnitz will be played by Ryou Hatakeyama. Hatakeyama has been involved in various roles in other stage shows such as Brothers Conflict, and a musical adaptation of Amnesia.
  • Gaius Worzel will be played by Takuya Kishimoto, who was also part of the Prince of Tennis musical cast.
  • Fie Claussel will be played by Haruka Umeda. Umeda has been involved in various stage shows, but she was also a member of SDN48.
  • Laura S. Arseid will be played by Kaede, who played Sailor Jupiter in the Sailor Moon musicals.
  • Emma Milstein will be played by Konona Shiba, who has also performed in the stage adaptation of ReLife.
  • Sara Valestein will be played by Asami Yoshikawa, who played Elizabeth in the recent P4U stage adaptation by the same team.
  • Gideon is being played by Judai Shirakashi, who played in the recent musical Nintama Rantarou.
  • Sharon Kreuger is played by Sayaka Fujioka, who has recently played Sailor Neptune in the Sailor Moon musicals.
  • Irina Reinford is being played by Mio Hanana, who has performed for the Takarazuka Revue in shows such as Phantom and the Rose of Versailles.
  • Angelica Rogner is being played by Shiki Aoki, who was the voice of Asuka Ninomiya in IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS.
  • Vita Clotilde will be played by singer RiRiKA.

Cast Gallery

Show Details

More details on the show have also been revealed.

PREMIUM 3D MUSICAL ‘The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki’
Performance Dates: 1/8/2017 ~ 1/15/2017
Performance Schedule:

  • 1/8 @ 15:00
  • 1/9 @ 14:00
  • 1/11 @ 18:00
  • 1/12 @ 13:30
  • 1/13 @ 18:00
  • 1/14 @ 13:00 & 18:00
  • 1/15 @ 12:00 & 16:00

Ticket Cost: S Seats are 7900 yen, A seats are 6900 yen
(Admission not allowed for preschool children.)

Ticket Sales Begin on 10/23/2016 @ 10:00
Ticket Agency: ePlus (Direct Purchase also available at FamilyMart and FamiPort locations.)

Performance Hall: Zepp Blue Theatre Roppongi
Producer: Shutaro Oku
Script: Mio Inoue
Music: Falcom Sound Team jdk
Production Team: The Legend of Heroes Musical Partners

[ Sen no Kiseki Musical Official Website ]
[ Sen no Kiseki Musical Official Facebook ]
[ Sen no Kiseki Musical Official Twitter ]

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  1. If only I lived in Japan I would definitely attend this..!! T_T

    Youtube/nico2douga streaming maybe? I’m willing to pay..

  2. Why there’s no Crow (maybe he’s too perfect?) and Towa? T_T

    Still. I am still happy that there will be a musical. I am planning to o there and attend the musical.

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