Chapter 3 of Akatsuki no Kiseki Now Available – Olivier and Mueller Event Begins!


There are a number of images (and some mild spoilers for Trails in the Sky SC) in this update, so I have put it all behind a cut.

Chapter 3 Update

New Characters

Lucy Seyland (First appearance: Sora no Kiseki the 3rd)

A talented young woman that once served on the student council while studying abroad at the Jenis Academy in Liberl. She is now a researcher with the Seyland Corporation, which specializes in developing medical equipment.

Her aunt is Professor Seyland at the St. Ursula Medical College in Crossbell.

Archduke Albert von Bartholemeus (First appearance: Ao no Kiseki)

The current head of state for Remiferia, a nation that specializes in medical research and development. During his participation in an unofficial visit to Crossbell, he puts in a request for Arios of the Crossbell branch of the Bracers Guild to be his escort.

Catherine Ford (New character)

A Bracer of the Remiferia Bracers Guild, serving both as bracer and receptionist for her specific branch. She has a pleasant and gentle disposition, and sometimes even entertains guests with her ‘Catherine’s Special herb tea.’

But in reality, she is a genius that is performing two jobs- she also possesses a medical license, working for both the Bracers Guild and as a physician in the medical clinic next door.

New Events

Event gacha for Olivier Lenheim and Mueller Vander Begins


The new character event for the gacha, both Olivier Lenheim and Mueller Vander will be temporarily available for a week.

Until the maintenence on 10/19, the chances for getting Olivier and Mueller will be increased.

Olivier Lenheim (First Appearance: Sora no Kiseki Series)

A traveling musician visiting from the great Erebonia Empire… though it’s only an alias as he is really the Prince Olivert Reise Arnor.

Though he seems to be exceedingly narcissistic, and is constantly clouding his surroundings with his exorbitant words, he is a brilliant marksman and arts user and will serve well as long distance support.

S-Craft: Requiem Hearts

Mueller Vander (First Appearance: Sora no Kiseki Series)

A peerless major in the Imperial military who also serves as the bodyguard for Prince Olivert. The Vander family has historically served the imperial family as guardians, and concerning Olivert, the two have had their friendship since childhood.

He is constantly put out at the messes caused by the prince. Though he seems to always be troubled by it, he wields his greatsword efficiently, and carries on with the duty of his protective role.

S-Craft: Righteous Witness

Event Start: Consecutive Intercept Battle – Battle Arena


Through to the 10/19 maintenence, the Bracer Guild training event, Consecutive Intercept Battle – Battle Arena will be in full swing.

After each battle, another will begin that is progressively more difficult. Those who finish the battle will have a chance to receive a Invite Anyone ticket or a Kurogane Mishie ticket.

Martial Arts Tournament Officially Implemented

Player comrade battle content [ED: I’m not exactly sure what they’re meaning here] ‘Marial Arts Tournament’ has officially opened. As players increase their rankings, they will be able to receive greater prizes. Details can be found on the official site.

Great Brawl Event Begins: Bracer Wars


The Great Brawl Event, Bracer Wars has officially launched on 10/13. Here, players can challenge popular Kiseki characters to receive a chance to be able to recruit them.

All times are Japan time

  • 10/13, 6:00 to 5:59 the next day – VS Michel
  • 10/14, 6:00 to 5:59 the next day – VS Maximillian Seed
  • 10/15, 6:00 to 5:59 the next day – VS Alan Richard
  • 10/16, 6:00 to 5:59 the next day – VS Lief
  • 10/17, 6:00 to 5:59 the next day – VS Maximillian Seed
  • 10/18, 6:00 to 5:59 the next day – VS Lief

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