More Performers Revealed for the Sen no Kiseki Musical


Today, Nega Designworks has revealed six more performers cast into the Sen no Kiseki musical, set to begin in Jan 2017.

  • Towa Herschel will be played by Ai Nonaka, who happens to be the same voice actress that played her in both Sen no Kiseki titles.
  • Patrick T. Hyarms has Souichiro Sorihashi cast for his part. He has played in various stage musicals, such as Sengoku Musou and Nintama Rantarou. He has also played a role in the La Corda d’Oro games.
  • Scarlet, one of the ILF members, will be played by Yuma Hanazuki. She is a performer belonging to the Takarazuka Revue Company.
  • Keisuke Minami will be playing Olivert Reise Arnor, and has been involved in two Persona 4 musicals and the Prince of Tennis musical.
  • Takeshi Nakayama will be playing Vulcan, another member of the ILF, and has done stunt supervision for various films, including the Attack on Titan movie.
  • Rufus Albarea will be played by Ren Yagami, who has been in a variety of television shows, a member of the j-pop group PureBOYS, and many theater performances, including the stage adaptation of Kamisama Kiss, and the Prince of Tennis musical.

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