Extra Life 2016 Giveaway for Nov 12, 2016


It’s that time of year again! Extra Life’s official gameday was this past Saturday, 11/5. However, due to real life obligations, I’ve postponed my gameday for 11/12- this coming Saturday. While Extra Life has done an amazing job so far, earning upwards to million dollars, we’re not done yet and the donations remain open throughout the year.

This will be my seventh year involved in Extra Life, and as always, I will be doing a giveaway during the event.

I will be streaming my entire run of Extra Life, from 8am central time on 11/12, to 9am central time on 11/13. “But that’s 25 hours,” you say? Why yes, it is. Because Extra Life ran over Daylight Savings, and during the marathon this past weekend, the time rolled back an hour, turning 8am to 8am into 25 hours, instead of the usual 24. As such, I will be doing the same, to stick through it and fight my way through the same period of time as everyone else.

My channel is http://twitch.tv/omgfloofy. I will be posting more information over the course of the day via my twitter account, as well.

Chat Giveaway

Three $10 iTunes Gift Cards


Over the course of my stream, at eight hour intervals, I will be running a quick giveaway in the chat. I will call out a giveaway command from my stream chat’s bot, and you may have a chance to win! Just be there and be available.

$10 can get you quite a bit on iTunes, including covering most of the cost of a new Falcom album, and maybe even giving you over your regular.

Raffle Giveaway

The raffle giveaway will be slightly different from the norm. If you wish to be part of the giveaway, you will want to donate at least $5 through my charity page. Please let me know via the contact page that you have made a donation with the email address you used for it.

I have added an option to the contact form for your Extra Life entry. Please be sure to use the email tied to your donation.

If you win, I will be sending the prizes out on my own- you won’t have to pay shipping. (I will ship internationally, as well!) With the exception of the digital prize below. I will also be contacting you via the email address you used for your prize- and I will reveal the winners sometime on Sunday afternoon/evening, after I’ve managed to get some sleep in.

If you win an item that will require shipping, I will contact you Sunday evening, or Monday morning, to get your mailing address, and I intend to get the items shipped out sometime during the next week.

Xanadu Next


Xanadu Next came out this week on Steam, GOG, and Humble. When I bought my copy, I have also picked up a second to be given away as a prize at some point over the 25 hour marathon.

If you win this, you will receive a Steam code for Xanadu Next via email.

Two 1:1 scale wall scrolls!

Two of the large scale tapestries that were released by Chara-Ani will also be given away during Extra Life. One of them is of Elie MacDowell from Ao no Kiseki, the other is Fie Claussell from Trails of Cold Steel II. These tapestries are a huge 1500mm tall. Elie’s is of her S-Craft post from Ao no Kiseki, and Fie’s is of her base art from Cold Steel II.

Shop Posters

I have three ‘shop posters’ that are to be displayed in game stores during the hype machine that led to each of the games. As you can see, there are two of them for Trails of Cold Steel II, and a third one for Tokyo Xanadu.

Leading to the Marathon

My posting will be at a minimum this week, as I will be doing a lot of stuff to rest up and get ready for Saturday morning. You can reach out to me via my site’s twitter, @EndlessHistory, or you can contact me via my personal twitter account, @omgfloofy. The latter account is where you will more updates on Extra Life and the stream.

I hope to see you all there, and good luck on the raffle!

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